Top Ten Shopee Wish List for Every Korean Fans

by - April 10, 2018

It’s confession time: I’m hooked on Shopee. Not on the chronic level but still normal compared to some of my friends’ Shopee habits. I may shop from time to time but it’s been my wont to open the Shopee app every day and add more to my Shopee list hoping that one day I will click on that buy now button.

It’s just that I absolutely love seeing what’s on their flash deal, trending searches, daily discover and popular searches.

Shopee is the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region that offers convenient and seamless shopping to its customers who are looking to shop anytime, anywhere. Its users is assured of easy, secure and fast online shopping experience especially with its strong payment and logistical support.

With 20 categories to shop from, you have the option just right at your fingertips to shop for your favorite items and deliver it right to your doorsteps. Shopee offers everything that a beauty addict, a techie, a hobbyist, an organizer freak or just a plain online shopper wants.

I have been a fan of anything Korean for a decade now. Influenced by the Korean dramas I’ve been watching for years now, I always think Korean have the best products in the world. Time and again, I blog about anything Korean, such as dramas and oppas. Seeing all the ramen, snacks or merchandises, I wish to buy sometimes. There may be Korean stores here in the metro but they are far and between. Thank God for Shopee, I can order online whatever Korean products I fancy. I have my very own wish list for Korean products I want to share with you dear readers and you can have a wish list too if you want because with Shopee, it is easy to look for items in their search bar. Moreover, you can find the exact items you might be looking for.

Here are the top ten Shopee wish list for every K-fan out there:


They say Korean ladies follow an 11-step skin care routine that’s why many of them have that glasslike skin. At Shopee you can find authentic Korean beauty products like the now popular Nlighten skin care or you can opt for tester products.

n_like shop 5 star rating

goldzoyen shop 4.7 star rating


Currently obsessing with Korean beauty face mask, you can find any face mask imaginable at Shopee.

tlifeaccessoriescenterion 4.8 star rating

captioluckyshopeshop 4.8 star rating

shopwithbonita 4.9 star rating


Envious of those lovely characters wearing couple outfits, you can find the nicest couple shirts

newstyleph 4.6 star rating

anas.wardrobe 4.8 star rating


Koreans do know styles and it shows in bags and backpacks being sold at Shopee. They may not be branded but you would want to own one for its stylish quality.

fjaja 4.9 star rating 4.7 star rating 4.5 star rating


Be it gel, silicone you can find the sleekest celphone cases at Shopee. 

fashion-nationon 5 star rating

tlifeaccessoriescenterion 4.8 star rating

davidstechnology 4.8 star rating


Want to know what those Korean meals tastes like and if it as good as those being savoured by the K-drama characters, there are plenty of ready-to-eat food packets and packaged meals available at Shopee stores. You can enjoy Korean meal right at the comfort of your own home.

betching 4.9 star rating

aniellomb 4.9 star rating


Ramyeon or ramen is a staple in any Korean drama. Find the lowest price guaranteed ramyeon at any Shopee stores. You and your friends can take the dare of Samyang Challenge anytime.

cathylicious001 5 star rating

trendingonline 4.7 star rating


Lotte products like Pepero or Choco Pie is easily available at Shopee

betching 4.9 star rating

cai19867 4.8 star rating

sanguyuace 4.9 star rating


Find Idol bands BTS or EXO  or any merchandises at very affordable prices.

feltsbykef 4.9 star rating

pipaycheapipay 5 star rating 4.6 star rating


Socks is life especially if it’s characters socks from Korea. With adorable designs and affordable price, Shopee got your back. No need to bother friends who are in Korea to get you one. 4.7 star rating

koreana_ph 4.9 star rating

For more of Korean items, just download the Shopee app for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you're a first-time Shopee user or you want to order more, you can use my code and get PhP 80 OFF.

Or you can visit Shopee's social media accounts at:

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