My Two Favorite Novelina Hair Care Products

by - April 21, 2018

It has been said time and again that a hair is one’s crowning glory. It is one of the first thing that others noticed about you. Why do you think a hair salon is one business that will never go out of place? Nowadays people have lots of options what they can do with their hair. They can style it differently or choose to color it. Good thing there’s Novelina products to make our hair beautiful.

Here are two of my favorite products so far.

Novelina Zeelke Herbal Powder Hair Color

Like the Novelina Zeelke Powder Hair Color, Novelina Zeelke Herbal Powder Hair Color is introduced in the market to elegantly cover gray or partially graying hair. It contains no ammonia and requires no hydrogen peroxide as well. Novelina Zeelke Herbal Powder Color is enhanced with herbal extracts like Ginseng, Aloe, Silk Powder, and Pearl Powder to help condition the hair during and after coloring, and to help retain hair’s natural sheen and luster. It requires the same easy steps as the Novelina Zeelke Powder Hair Color. Just pour contents in a bowl, add 50ml. of water and mix thoroughly. Apply mixture unto hair and let stand for 30mins. Shampoo then rinse off. Each set comes complete with a mixing tray, coloring brush, ear covers, gloves, and a sachet of moisturizing conditioner.

The 6g. Bottle Set is available with the following colors:

Natural Black

Dark Brown

Chestnut Brown

It is also available in 4g. Sachet 1+1 with available colors:

Natural Black

Dark Brown

Chestnut Brown

Novelina Hair and Scalp Treatment

The Novelina Hair and Scalp Treatment can restore lost moisture to hair due to chemical treatments or everyday styling. Several of its features includes:

Contains a hydrating blend of emollients that increases moisture retention in hair; Instantly rejuvenates dry, brittle or damaged hair; Replaces moisture, natural oils, and protein lost during chemical services; Strengthens and protects over-processed hair; and it has Fresh Clean Scent

In the coming days, I will be testing these products.

Novelina products are distributed in the country by the Tritan Ventures, Inc., a trading company primarily interested in the production and / or distribution of cosmetics products for both the local and export markets. 

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