Hotel Review: The Selah Garden Hotel: An Urban Oasis in the City

by - March 30, 2018

Did you know that there’s a perfect getaway located in Pasay City? An urban oasis that is really perfect for a day or two or more get-away. This hidden gem is the Selah Garden Hotel that my friends and I enjoyed staying last February when the Ready Set Blog 2.0 : Merging empowered Bloggers were held overnight.

The Selah Garden Hotel is an 82-room boutique hotel is not your ordinary one as you can stay in a luxurious place that is budget-friendly - comfort and luxury on a budget!

Here are the top 4 reasons why the Selah Garden Hotel is the perfect getaway for you and your family:


Not only for staycation, we choose hotel because of a pool. I know right. There’s nothing like a pool to make your stay more fun and relaxing. And for relaxation, The Selah Garden Hotel's Infinity Pool is the best. You can take a dip in the azure and refreshing infinity pool which also doubles as a classroom for scuba diving classes.


Enjoy lounging as you take a sip of their popular drinks on the menu and just lazed around.



Yup, there’s another thing you can do as you take advantage of the hotel’s infinity pool. You can be a certified Scuba Diver as The Selah Garden Hotel offers open Water Scuba Diving lessons.



If you get tired of swimming or staying in your room, why not relax, restore and rejuvenate at the Selah Garden Spa. Here you can de-stress and enjoy the soothing massages of their excellent therapists.


While we were having dinner, I noticed the ropes hanging overhead and what look like Tarzan’s home. Just kidding. Then we were told that Selah Hotel offers High Ropes activities for the guests. And surely enough my friends took advantage of that activities the next morning and they were having so much fun. The swing by the pool is also instagramable and we had fun swinging in it.

At the High Ropes, you can defy gravity, glide through the zip line course, walk on  air through hanging bridges, climb up high through the wall and rappel downward too..

Credit: Adae

Isn’t that really great? A hotel with this kind of amenities? So why don’t you book now and enjoy all the good things The Selah Garden Hotel has to offer. It is truly an urban oasis in the middle of the city.

The Selah Garden Hotel is located at 2715 Park Ave, Pasay City, Metro Manila

For reservations email them at 

Or you can contact them at:

 +632-511-1331/ +632-508-9141 
 0925-511-1331/ 0917-630-0604 

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