Foodies Alert: Elements Hall @ Scout Rallos

by - March 18, 2018

In the past few months, food parks have captured the attention of foodies everywhere in the metro.  But the usual fare of foods being served in most of the food parks somehow looks the same and foodies are now searching for something exciting that will satisfy their palates.

Last March 3, 2018, we were invited to the official opening of the new and latest place for foodies to enjoy, something different and much more exciting place to eat - Elements Hall @ Scout Rallos.

Elements Hall @ Scout Rallos is a food hall where foodies can eat most comfortably and choose from among the stalls inside the building. It is clean and the Picnic Grounds inside is fully air-conditioned as well. On that day, me and my friends get to sample the food in the following:   


With our great love for Fried Chicken, Clucky’s captured what we like the most about Chicken. They give a certain twist to the traditional fried chicken. At Clucky’s, the chicken is so crispy on the outside while juicy inside. What’s more, Clucky’s have a wide selection of sauces to choose from such as the traditional BBQ for the classic Western taste and the now famous soy garlic for a great Asian taste. Clucky’s also served side dishes that greatly complement the chicken like their very own House Salad. There’s also French fries, dirty rice and the must-eat Torikatsu Chicken Burger.


Who doesn’t love Gelato? With the sprouting of gelato bar in the city, only a discerning gelato addict would know what sets Gelato Lab from the rest. At Gelato Lab the gelato is made up of all-natural, high quality one without relying on artificial flavorings, dyes or ready-made mixes.

Their gelato is always fresh and of high quality as they are made from small batches. You can choose from many of their exciting flavors. The best part is, you can request for a custom-made flavour if you’re looking for a distinct taste.

18 Days Coffee Roaster

If you’re looking for a freshly roasted coffee, then you will love it at 18 Days. They roast coffee on site and here, you can create your own coffee blends. Yes, you’ve read it right. At 18 Days, you roast your own coffee using a Philippine patented Air Roaster.
You can also buy their coffee in sachets and enjoy it at the comfort of your own home.


Are you a person who loves our very own delicacy Bibingka? Or do you also love Waffle? What if you want to have both? Then lucky you, as you can find both at Bibi-Waf. As the name imply, Bibi-Waf is a combination of our Pinoy bibingka with the American style Waffle.

Bibi-Waf is famous for its Sweetie Bibi-Waf with their special frostings, Bibi-Waf sandwiches and All-Day breakfast. Hint: You must not forget to order their Spam with Cheese Bibi-Waf sandwich. It’s too die for.


Mang Max serves the best Lechon Belly in this side of town. You can have it in either regular or spicy and both are simply delicious that for a while you might tend to forget your name. Yes, that delicious! Warning – you need a lot of rice to enjoy this.


If you love Dimsum as much as I do, then the Red Pineapple is the place for us. I lost count of the number of Siomai I ate that day. It’s so yummy! The Tai Pao is also a must try for people who love Siopao a lot because the Taipao is just an extra-large sipao.

The Red Pineapple dimsum are all handmade and made with only the finest ingredients.


The name is a Chinese word for Big Tummy. Didn’t get to try their menu that day but a friend said that it offers delicious Chinese roasting delicacies served with Japanese rice or their pan- fried noodles.


Inipit is one of the pastry I enjoyed eating since childhood because it was a famous snack in our province. Tasting Nina’s Inipit brings back a lot of good memories because it tats like the Inipit I used to love.


I don’t like eating fish that much but the way the Ceviche de Pescado was plated makes me want to have a taste. Surprisingly, it is delicious. Ceviche is a raw fish marinated in citrus juice spiced with red onions and Aji Amarillo, a Peruvian yellow chiles. The dish is served with sweet potato and maiz cancha and  leche de tigre - a leftover marinade.

Mantaro’s Arroz con Mariscos is also yummy with its Peruvian take on Spanish Seafood Paella.

So what are you waiting for, visit Elements Hall @ Scout Rallos and I guarantee you, the food is GREAT!

Elements Hall at Rallos
27 Scout Rallos, Quezon City
Facebook: Elements Hall at Rallos
Instagram: elementsatrallos

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