Alex Gonzaga’s Krem-Top Experience

by - March 12, 2018

Alex Gonzaga’s lovable personality is very much evident during her official introduction as Krem-Top latest endorser. In an interview conducted in a moving bus as it toured around BGC, Alex, in her inimitable way, tells off why she love Krem-Top.

Alex tells how her coffee with Krem-Top makes her more energize especially on days when her work goes up real late. She love how Krem-top doesn’t dilute the unique taste of coffee.

Krem-top management says that Alex Gonzaga is their perfect choice for the brand as her influence, especially with her blog, where Krem-Top will be mostly featured, has a wide reach and following.

Just like Krem-Top which has been gaining a large following as seen in a survey conducted among call-center agents in Quezon City, majority of those who sample tasted choose the one with Krem Top. 

For more about Krem-Top and Alex Gonzaga, visit her official FB page at and Krem-Top page at

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