Ortigas Art Festival in Estancia livens up the contemporary art scene

by - February 26, 2018

The past several years has seen the resurgence of arts appreciation in the city. And with the help of social media, interest for art exhibit and the like has grown by leaps and bounds.  As we celebrate the National Arts Month, the art scene is all abuzz as Ortigas & Company holds a month-long art festival to bring art closer to the hearts and minds of the Filipinos.

We were privileged to attend the official launch of the first Ortigas Art Festival held last February 22, 2018 at Estancia and gets to appreciate the well-curated art pieces that reflect our country’s evolving art scene.

Art lovers from all walks of life will not only “stay awhile” as they troop to Estancia, the home of  Ortigas’ first art festival. Its Bridgeway will be transformed into an art space featuring unique exhibits and creative workshops from February 23 to March 26. Watercolors, portraits, sculptures and other forms of art come together to transform public space into a unique artistic showcase.

Recognizing its role in bringing the arts to everyone, Estancia has made sure that the art festival will be exciting and interesting to mall visitors by shining the spotlight on contemporary art pieces. The art festival is being held in partnership with Alfredo Esquillo’s Eskinita Gallery, known as an alternative platform for artists and an “art project” that continues to evolve in the “here and now” of contemporary art.

The Ortigas Arts Festival is Ortigas Company’s showcase of commitment to promote Filipino creativity and ingenuity. The list of artist featured at the festival includes Allison Wong-David, known for her imaginative stainless steel works; Helen Mirasol, who effortlessly captures the simplest and most beautiful things through photography; and Peter Sutcliffe, established watercolor artist and art teacher.

Others artsists with solo exhibits includes works by up and coming artists Anthony Victoria, Arvi Fetalvero, Bon Mujeres, Ged Merino, and Richard Buxani, all of who experiment with various materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Equally interesting are collaborations showcased in group exhibits by Tuklas, Biskeg, KalyeKolektib, and Eskinita Kontemporaryo.

For a more interactive experience and immerse visitors in the arts, various activities have also been lined up, which visitors can join for free.

Shoppers and visitors will also have the chance to try their hand on arts as Estancia will hosts a series of workshops such as Peter Sutcliffe watercolor Tutorial on March 4 and 25. WhileAto Habulan will hold an Alla Prima Painting session on March 11. Kalye Kolektib will hold Live Art: Mural Making on March 18 for those who want to see how art turns from concept to reality,

For more information, check out Estancia at Capitol Commons online at www.facebook.com/EstanciaPH  or https://www.instagram.com/estanciaph.

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