Food Crawl at SMDC Residences

by - February 18, 2018

Nowadays, Filipinos chose to live in style, comfort, and convenience and this is also what SM Development Corporation have in mind as they commit itself to provide access to luxurious urban living with all its leisure facilities. Since a place of this kind is becoming increasingly popular, SMDC facilities can now be found in several major cities in the Metro. Not only it’s a place to live in style, most SMDC facilities boasted of five-star amenities while some have a mall of their own. Imagine a place where almost everything is conveniently located and for Filipinos who loves to eat, did you know that you can find the best restaurants inside an SMDC residences?

A week ago, we find ourselves traipsing through three SMDC residences to taste what several of those food hub has to offer and we were not disappointed as we find ourselves “crawling” after the three stops.

STOP 1: SMDC Light Residences

The Light Residences is one of SM Development Corp mix-use condos. It is a place with a much-sought comfort and convenience for people who wants to take, maybe a few hours away from this fast-paced world. What more this three-tower place is conveniently linked to MRT Boni which is an easy access to the place with a mall located inside. It is at the mall where we had a food trip at the Art of Taco and Eggette and Co.

Art of Taco is a Mexican food with attitude which serves the best tacos, nachos, fajitas and burritos in this side of town. We have fun wolfing down their bestsellers like the Chicken Fajitas and Steak Fajitas. It is a must-order and MUST be eaten with their secret sauce. Believe me, the sauce makes the tacos, nachos, fajitas and even the burritos yummier as you add a little while you eat.

Eggettes & Co.

I love the smell of a waffle being cooked. And at Eggette & Co., you can smell the waffle from afar. The delicious aroma of the waffle will lure you to Eggette,  if not to their instagrammable place.

So what is an Eggette? An Eggette is an egg waffle that is popular in Hong Kong. What makes it delicious is how crispy it is on the outside and chewy on the inside.

There’s a menu board that will instruct you how to order your own Eggette if you’re confuse with the many delicious-sounding food in the menu. And for some added goodness to what you will order, you can either add a spread or make it part of a sundae or as an hotdog bun.

My favorite so far is the chicken pops which you can upgrade to Chicken and Eggette. Another favorite is the Toasted Cheese and Cream Eggette-wiches which you should eat it while toasted-hot.

STOP 2: SMDC Grace Residences

I didn’t know that in the middle of Taguig, a place near BGC and Makati CBD, is a place where you can escape into your very own area of quiet. The Grace Residences is that place where you can enjoy the convenience of staying within proximity of different institutions. It enable you to live the conveniences of modern life. It is a place for leisure and the most important, which I discovered that day, is that it is home to Hot Kitchen Fresh Options!

At the lobby of the Grace Residences is a one-of-a-kind food store – Hot Kitchen Fresh Options. It is Indeed a fresh option when choosing what to eat.

With its wide array of food selections, all you have to is follow the steps you can find before you enter the place.

You can either eat inside or just place your order if you don’t want to cook in your home as they will cook it for you for a small fee. Imagine saving a lot when you do that and all you have to do is eat.

Even though we still feel full after eating at the Light Residences, the smell of the Marinated Pork Steak, Crispy Pata and Sisig made us hungrier and we cannot help but eat them with rice. I don’t know about their Sisig but it’s the most delicious Sisig I’ve ever eaten. Thank goodness they will soon open a branch at SM Light Mall which is so near my place.

STOP 3: Jazz Residences

The Jazz Residences houses the Jazz Mall which is now filled with commercial and food establishments and a SM Hypermarket for all your house needs.
One of the food establishment is the After All Bar and Grill where you can unwind after spending hours of daily work or after you finish shopping.

After All Bar and Grill is owned by a group of friends who thinks that you can also have fun even as you bond over business. I’ve read in one of the blogs that the name After All is based on all those years the owners have been through.

As we were on our last stop of the food crawl, After All Bar and Grill is a fitting end to the day as we enjoyed the variety of drinks offered to us. All of them are refreshing and paired with their popular Sisig and Seafood Salpicao makes the food more enjoyable. We spend the last few hours with stories and good laughter, just like what After All Bar and Grill want the ambiance to be - good food and good music.

Overall, it was day filled with good food, good company and appreciation of what SMDC residences have to offer. This leisure facilities is also one of the way which prove how SM have touched the lives of many Filipinos.

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