Eight Stops at SM City Masinag Food Crawl

by - February 26, 2018

It’s a known fact that SM is part of our country’s culture, having touched millions of Filipino lives, SM continues to offer everything – from shopping to entertainment to food, name it SM got it all for you. A few weeks ago, we’ve been to SM City Masinag to try the food of eight of the food stalls located inside the mall’s food court.

It has been a wont for shoppers, families and friends to eat at the Food Court after hours of shopping or watching a movie or maybe you just want to eat something new and delicious. The SM City Masinag Food Court offers variation when it comes to food. If you’re tired of eating at several of the fastfood restos also located inside the mall, the Food Court offers variety of choices like what we found out during the SM City Masinag Food Crawl.

Are you excited to see what we eat? Here is the list of the eight food stop located at the SM Food Court:


We love Pares and at Tro-Pares we find the Ultimate Ulam with beef that is so tender, it melts in the mouth. I still can’t get over how tasty several of their menu is especially the kare-kare. I’m not a fan of Kare-Kare but theirs is good that you can eat it even without the bagoong. What more, Tro-Pares also serves all day breakfast and affordable toppings.


I love pink or any variations of pink. When I saw Chica’s food stall, their attractive signs beckon to see what they offer. I found out that they boast on serving the crispiest chicharon bulaklak! Isn’t that amazing for Pinoys who loves chicharon bulaklak. And Chica’s does more because in several of their dishes, they add their crispiest chicharon bulaklak. And I think I tasted it in their popular Sisig which you must order, believe me.


I grew up liking the Laing my father always cook every weekend. It’s one of the three vegetables I only eat next to pechay and kalabasa J and it’s always perfect when you pair it with fried foods such as Lumpiang Shanghai or Fried Chicken. But I discovered something new at InasaLaing. The laing is also a prefect pair to Chicken Inasal! You can either have a choice of their Spicy and Special Laing and all you have to do is to see how many rice you can consume after you order.


Inihaw meals will always be the most popular when it comes to choosing what to eat. The smell of inihaw will always make you crave for food. With all the grilled meat and seafood Inihaw Express offers, it’s no wonder why foodies always flock to the stall.


Do you love eating noodles and shabu-shabu? Then you will love it at Chin’s and their big servings is really overwhelming.


In the past several years, I come to love Korean foods and Kimbob’s is always my go to place when I crave for one. Two things I love about them is their BIBIMBAP and the best Kimchi ever. You can choose seafood, beef, pork or chicken for your Bibimbap and all you have to is mix it for that absolute goodness.


Want to try something new inside SM City Masinag Food Court? The Rye and Dean’s it is!. This Brooklyn-themed stall has the best sandwiches ever. And their corned dog? It’s to die for. Seriously. Once at the counter, you will find it hard what to order because everything sounds delicious.


French Fries is of one mankind’s best creation and Potato Corner knows that. We always stop at Potato Corner every time we visit SM, always. With many flavorings to choose from, Potato Corner is a guaranteed best eat. Try their latest Ranch Cheese flavorings, it’s good.

Now we know why eating at a restaurant with several stops is termed as food crawl, because literally, after trying out the eight food stops at SM City Masinag, we have to crawl back to our table. Trying out all those delicious meals is indeed a treat.

You too can try when you visit the Food Court located at the 3rd floor of SM City  Masinag.  


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