Bituin Escalante, Radha and Frenchie Dy for SM Woman Plus

by - February 15, 2018

The state of fashion has greatly evolved over the last few years. Women are no longer constrained to fashion’s rules because they are as diverse as their talent and skills. Women are now freer to express themselves and proudly wear whatever they please.

SM Woman Plus makes a fashion statement for every woman to be able to embrace and love their bodies. Offering maximal impact for those looking to add a punch to their wardrobes, SM Woman selected three confident, beautiful, fun, and passionate women who aren’t afraid of powering through the sartorial norm.   
Radha Cuadrado, Bituin Escalante and Frenchie Dy wearing their favorite SM Woman pieces.

Flaunting the most trend-driven and size-inclusive designs yet, tune into a state of body positivity with Radha, Frenchie Dy, and Bituin Escalante as they dominate the airwaves while donning chic designs that satisfy every wardrobe want.

Radha Cuadrado’s chic casual look with SM Woman

Frenchie Dy’s date night look using SM
      Woman fashion

Bituin Escalante looking fierce with SM      

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