Safe and Worry-Free Solo Travel with Malayan Travel Master

by - January 19, 2018

Three or four years ago, I embarked on a solo travel, to find myself so to speak. I thought it will be terrifying but travelling alone and seeing unfamiliar but lovely places is kind of liberating.

Nowadays, what they call Solo vacation is becoming widely popular and that there’s a big increase, especially in many travel agencies whose clients prefer to travel alone.

More than the nervousness I felt, what was mostly in my mind is how is it best to stay safe while travelling abroad without a friend or family members.

What I’ve learned are some simple tips that every solo traveller should have in mind and how is it best to stay safe most of the times. Feeling nervous or lonely can take away the fun in your travel so knowing and keeping plans ahead can ensure you a safe travel. 

Here are some of those things:

Plan, plan, plan.
Having no itinerary at hand is a big no in solo travel. List where you want to go, where to explore. Memorize the routes and take advantage of technology. Keep track of your journey using the GPS mapping on your phone.

Items to pack
There are several items every solo traveller should consider packing especially if you’re staying in a hotel or hostel, Universal plugs is one of them. Oftentimes there is just one power outlet is some of the places you will be staying. Also, bring mini flashlights, insect repellants, and medicines that are allowed for you to bring in your travel.

Don’t bring too many valuables
Bring only what’s necessary. You can’t have fun or enjoy your travel if you constantly worry about your valuables. Always bring some cash and keys. Buy waterproof sling bag you can take if you’re in the beach.

Have your Friends and Families Aware of your Movements.

Since you are solo travelling, keep people aware of your movements or telling them where you are, where you plan to stay, or your itinerary. Take note and disclosed where you are going, and the number of the taxi if you’re riding one. Make sure that the driver is aware you have left information to someone.

Blend In
Always take note of the culture of the country where you are going. In short, dress appropriately. Don’t attract negative attention or scream plainly that you are a tourist by dressing inappropriately.

Trust your Gut Feel
Your gut feel will always tell you when something is wrong. Your instinct is always right. If something is uncomfortable, don’t ignore that feeling.

Take Lots of Photos and post it on social media
It’s not bragging that you are in other places but it is one way to let others know where you are and you want people to know you were there.

This is the most important when travelling in another country, you need travel insurance. It is a must. It is very important to have a secure, safe, convenient, and worry free travel. One I highly recommend for your insurance is Malayan’s Travel Master.

Malayan Travel Master ensures your safety and convenience while traveling. It provides maximum coverage and the most comprehensive travel insurance in the country today.It has several features to ensure your safety while on travel.

Personal Accident. Covers accidental death, dismemberment and even accidental burial benefit.

Travel Inconvenience Benefits. Baggage loss, baggage delay, loss of cash, damage to laptop and flight delays because of bad weather, with this feature it allows you to forego those inconveniences.

Personal Liability. If you accidentally hurt someone, Travel Master will take of it!

Recovery of Travel Expenses. There are times of great emergency that one need to cancel one’s travel but with this feature, expenses are paid and they will reimburse the unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance, voila, you can travel again..

Emergency Medical Treatment This benefit enables you to be covered on your medical expenses. Especially if you are in another country where medical expenses are very expensive.

Travel Assistance Benefits. With Assist America, a world- class travel assistance provider, this feature gives you access to various emergency and medical travel assistance.

So #InsuretobeSure for a safe and fun solo travel with Malayan Travel Master. It’s fast, easy, and all you have to do is go online at

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By being insured, you’re not just becoming a carefree solo pro-traveler but you’re steps closer of becoming a Travel Master! Insurance transactions can be done online at or at

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Moreover, Malayan also have Car Insurance.

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