Enjoy Authentic Spanish Cuisine at La Barra in Tableria Food Park

by - January 10, 2018

Of all the food park in the metro and nearby places, my friends and I were happy to find a rare food stall that serves authentic Spanish cuisine. Yes, we find one at the Tableria Food Park after a short visit from the Shoe Museum in Marikina. La Barra, is such a breath of fresh air from the usual food stall you can find in many food parks.

La Barra serves authentic Spanish dishes like Gambas, Croquetas, and of course, Paellas. We find the place very welcoming and the smell wafting from the kitchen makes us hungrier after that short jaunt at the museum.

Immediately we were served with Paella Valenciana, Gambas and Croquetas.

For starters we tried the croquetas and I was a bit surprised that it doesn’t taste like the Croquetas I know. We learned that it is made from Bechamel. The kind of topping we find in Lasagna and wouldn’t you know it, it is good! You should dipped it with the special salsa included in the dish.

The Paella Valenciana is so filling especially with its generous toppings of shrimps, seafood and chicken. They used the rice variety of Dinorado in this dish and it easily absorbed the combination offlavors that make up one of the best paella valenciana I've ever had! I'm not one to eat seafood, really, but the mixed flavorsmade me tried it for once.

Another of La Barra’s fantastic food is the oh-so-yummy Gambas. It is so flavorful and the shrimps really absorbed the olive oil which have bits of chorizos which makes it so delicious. The oil of the dish is enough for me, seriously.

We finished our meal with Cream Catalan which is so yummy especially with the glassy Caramel sauce on top.

Overall, our La Barra jaunt is one happy food journey. The service is superb! The two owners are very friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable of the food in the menu. The owner is very nice.

To know more about La Barra, visit its Facebook and Instagram at LABARRAMNL

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