The wonders and benefits of using Heinz® Apple Cider

by - December 08, 2017

For decades now, the wonder of Apple Cider Vinegar has been touted by many. In fact it has been said that the benefits of using apple cider vinegar has been known for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, has promoted its health qualities as far back as 400 bc but is only in the late part of the 1800s that Heinz® Apple Cider Vinegar was made for food and health advantages.


Heinz® Apple Cider Vinegar begins with fine quality apples and crystal clear water. With its clean, mellow flavor, it's ideal for your favorite salads, marinades and also as medicinal in nature.Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from apple must where all parts of an apple is crushed. Then it is taken under the fermentation and oxygenation process where the sugar in apples is turn to alcohol. Under the oxygenation process, the alcohol is converted to acetic acid which must be retained for it to become valuable to our body for our health and well-being.

With the right process, the apple cider vinegar must have the “mother” which makes it murky or cloudy. The “mother” contains good bacteria for the gut, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

So what should you look for while buying the right type of apple cider vinegar? The three types are; Unpasteurized, Unfiltered, and Organic. .

Here are several known benefits using the Heinz® Apple Cider Vinegar:

Natural way to detox. (Recipes included below.)
Fight fungus.
Soothe sunburns.
Relax sore muscles and joints.
Uses for hair as conditioner.
Use as detox bath.
Apple Cider Vinegar contains natural AHAs for gently exfoliating our dead skin cells.
It can banish pimple-causing bacteria.
It is great for digestion.
Balances pH levels.
Lowers cholesterol.
Cleanses your system leaving your skin glowing and clear.
Gives you more energy.
Reduces bloating and water weight.
Suppresses appetite.

Lemon Detox Reipe from the using the apple cider

Mix any of the following:

1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar (it has to be raw, unfiltered, with the mother)
Juice from 1 lemon
1/8 tsp Cayenne Pepper 
1-2 tbsp. Honey
Water – You can dilute this as strong or as weak as you prefer

Heinz® Apple Cider is available in 16 FL OZ (1 PT) 473 mL 32 FL OZ (1 QT) 946 mL 1 Gallon (3.785 L).

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