Achieve the Season’s Light and Natural Look with Ever Bilena Advance

by - November 29, 2017

More than any other season, there’s nothing like Christmas to feel and look more beautiful. Trends may come and go but for this season’s make-up trend, the “less is more” look is in vogue where use of minimal colors and strokes can bring out the natural glow in you.

The forecast was shared during the Advance Affiliate Program a non-exclusive organization of beauty enthusiasts, professional and aspiring make-up artists who actively participate in the projects and campaigns of Ever Bilena Advance.

Achieve the light and natural look with subtle colors from Ever Bilena Advance.

This season’s “less is more” look will allow the skin to breathe. The very light make-up is applied after moisturizing.  The look does away with setting powders or sprays in favor of natural sheen. The matte finish is achieved simply by dabbing light dusting powder on the face.

The eyes are bare with only a wash of soft metallic shadow applied with no defined placement on the lid. Brows take center stage with their untamed look created by brushing the hair upward and applying hair-like strokes with EB Advance Matic Brow Liner. Thick coatings on lashes with EB Advance Volume Control add definition to the eyes.

EB Advance Volume Control add definition to the eyes.

For the adventurous, go against the contour of the eye and experiment with accentuated lids using the EB Advance Matic Eyeliner. Lines can be complex or as simple as a line across the lid.

For the cheeks, the subtle blush is applied with control. The EB Advance Blushing Cheeks have a dewy finish with colors ranging from earthy browns to pops of bright pink.

The EB Advance blushing cheeks have a dewy finish.

While matte lipsticks are staple, glossy shades like the EB Advance Bitten Lips is making a comeback. This lip tint will look great on either bare or bold lips.

Achieve the “less is more” look with the newest products from EB Advance available at any EB Advance counters at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.

The Advance Affiliate Program offers free membership to qualified participants. Aside from training sessions, members get free Ever Bilena Advance products, gigs for digital, TV, and print campaigns, first dibs on Ever Bilena Advance’s new products, and seasonal trend reports.

To learn more about Ever Bilena Advance and its products, visit Ever Bilena’s website,, and Facebook page,

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