Sponsored Post: 3 Simple Things Millennials Should Know When Buying SUV

by - October 31, 2017

For the Millennials, owning a car doesn’t seem to be in their priority. Most of them are tech-savvy and gadgets are their way of life, not cars. Even car manufacturers are at a lost on how they can make this much-maligned generation buy car in a way that won’t curtail their freedom-loving nature.

Well, that was a few years back. Recently, there’s been a surge of car-buying for those people termed as the Older Millennials. And this is the moment car manufacturers has been waiting for.  A bigger market ripe for the picking.

One vehicle of choice perfect for the Millennials is the sports utility vehicle or SUV. Its growing popularity in the past few years makes it the vehicle most people aspire for. No longer the rugged machine built only for terrain or rough road condition, the SUV has come a long way and with its versatility, it has uses and purpose for diverse set of people.


What are the three simple things Millennials should consider when buying an SUV:



Look for an SUV that have high rating in the reliability judgement based from what SUV users attest to. Reliability should be your priority once you decide to purchase one. You should ask yourself whether this is the car that best suits your lifestyle. Since millennials are known to be adventurous and independent, a reliable SUV is a great way to explore their capabilities in all areas in life.


With their disposable income, millennials can choose an SUV that is better suited to them. It can be the larger SUV or the smaller ones that are cheaper to buy and environment-friendly since its fuel-efficient. SUV’s are both appealing to men and women and can make them look good and feel as if you own the road when driving.


Since SUV is known for its versatility, it is an ideal car for multi-tasker millennials. It is multipurpose, very safe and one can feel secure with its spacious interior. The car seat is large with enough leg room. Its elevated seating is also ideal. As you drive, you have a better view when on the road. It is extremely easy to drive too.

It will be a bonus if auto manufacturers can make the SUV a tech-enabled car or one that can be an extension of their phones. Several of the cars now have entertainment system or voice-activated setup and it would be awesome if the SUV have this too.

Millennials wanting to own a car maybe a sign of maturity and its time that this Peter Pan generation of consumers buy and own one. Driving or owning a car need not be a definition of themselves but it’s should be something that can make them fully engage more with their world.

photos: cars.com

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