Bounty Fresh Eggs presents World Egg Day to help increase awareness on health benefits of eating eggs

by - October 24, 2017

Bounty Fresh, the country’s biggest egg producer, is spearheading the celebration of the World Egg Day in the Philippines on October 12, an event that aims to educate the Filipinos about the health benefits of consuming eggs daily.

The event, which will mark the first time that a Philippine egg brand will initiate its celebration in the country, will be held at the Mall Atrium in Eastwood. A number of activities have been lined for that day including cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs using eggs as the main ingredients, talks by health experts to discuss the health benefits of eating eggs as part of a daily diet, singing contests, games, among others.

As the country’s top egg producer, hosting the one-day event is but fitting for Bounty Fresh, known for its Gold Standard when it comes to eggs because of the high quality of its products, and the utmost care given to the eggs starting from how the hens are raised on healthy feeds in state-of-the-art facilities.

Through the event, Bounty Fresh is hoping that more Filipinos will be encouraged to add eggs into their daily diet not only because they are a very good source of affordable, high quality protein, but also because they are rich in vitamins D, B2, B6 and B12. They are also a good source of minerals such as zinc, iron and copper, as well as choline.

Because of the vitamins and minerals found on eggs, consuming them will help strengthen muscles, boost the health of the brain, bolster energy production, promote a healthy immune system, as well as lower the risk of heart diseases mainly because of choline, which helps in breaking down the amino acid homocysteine that is associated with the development of heart diseases.

Eggs are also healthful for pregnancy as the nutrients help prevent congenital disabilities such as spina bifida. Moreover, eggs aid weight loss and maintenance, improve eyesight and promote healthier skin.

This year’s event will be the onset of Bounty Fresh Eggs’ yearly celebration of World Egg Day. Aside from the Philippines, the World Egg Day will also be celebrated in countries like Australia, The UK, USA, Brazil, France and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.

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