Bailey, Ylona share their Top-Your-Own Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog creations

by - October 20, 2017

The Top Secret is Out! Last October 15, Jollibee launched the Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog. It is Jollibee’s latest offering where you can customize your favorite classic Jolly Hotdog with the following toppings - Extra Bacon, Extra Jalapeño, or Extra Cheese, for only P10 each or you can also go all-in with all three toppings for the price of only P25!

Last October 17, 2017, Bailey May and Ylona Garcia, the popular BaiLona loveteam and Jollibee endorsers for Jolly Hotdog gave away 150 Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdogs to fans at Jollibee E. Rodriguez. Before that, the two have a media face-off where they engaged in carefree banter sharing the latest news on their career and what they love about Jollibee’s Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog.  

“We’re always game to try something new,” shared the 15-year-old Bailey. “We were super excited about the Extra Cheese, Extra Bacon and Extra Jalapeno that Jollibee was offering for the Jolly Hotdog.”

“We loved the idea of being able to customize our favorite Jolly Hotdog the way we want to,” added Ylona. “It’s fun to mix and match the toppings together.”

“I love all the extra toppings especially the Extra Jalapeño,” suggested Ylona.

“My favorite is all-In!” shared Bailey. “I just love having that overload of flavors.”

“Bailey and Ylona are the perfect examples of young, dynamic, and adventurous food explorers who are thrilled with new twists to their classic favorites,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee’s Marketing Director for Core Products. “The changing tastes and demands of customers like Bailey and Ylona inspire us to develop  flavor innovations, as part of our commitment to deliver unique, memorable dining experiences to the Filipino diner.”

Bailey May and Ylona Garcia’s Top-Your-Own Cheesy Classic  Jolly Hotdog creations are “Cheese Bacon Banger” for Bailey and Ylona gave fans her Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog “JollYlona”, her version of the all-in toppings!

Like Bailey and Ylona, you can create your own Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog in Jollibee stores nationwide.

Mix, match, and share your signature Top-Your-Own Jolly Hotdog creation on the Jollibee Facebook page ( or tag @jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

* Prices may vary across different locations

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