SM City San Mateo Kicks-Off “My City, My SM, My Art”

by - September 02, 2017

SM Supermalls advocacy of bringing people and art together has been most evident in the various cultural roadshow held in many of its stores. Last September 1, 2017, “My City, My SM, My Art” officially kicked-off at SM City San Mateo to celebrate the visual arts — painting, printmaking, sculpture, film-making , and photography.

This year’s highlights of “My City, My SM, My Art” at SM City San Mateo showcases the works of the Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal (SLR), Franz Marion Vocalan, Rembrandt Vocalan, Edrick Daniel, Don Kishin Javier, Lucky Salayog, Daniel Aligaen, and the multi-talented Blanco family.

Angono, being the art capital of the country has produced art progenies famous not only in the country.Among them are:

Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal 

The Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal is one of the most dynamic camera clubs in the country. They believe in the power of communicating through lens and they aim to showcase the Philippines to the rest of the world.

Franz Marion Vocalan

A member of the traditional Angono folk art family, Franz Marion Vocalan, creates lively contemporary images in large canvases. His paintings show his daringness to use different range of colors. It also exudes a sense of playfulness displaying comic fantasies that viewers can relate to.

Rembrandt Vocalan

His very name invokes one of the best artist the world has. Rembrandt Vocalan works is usually done in bold and warm hues which centers on folk images highlighting his cultural identity. He also ventured into printmaking and photography as well as holds art workshop for the younger generation.

Edrick Daniel

Edrick Daniel is one of the young artists from Antipolo. Edrick is an artist who uses props such as boats, roses, eyes, tongues, birds, butterflies, moon, black water, suit case, animals and figures floating through the air and conjunctions of seemingly unrelated objects to create moods in his works. Most of them is rendered on subdued colors which results in compelling visual narratives that stirs the emotion.

Aside from his mother and cousin, he also come from the tutelage under other artists at Dr. Guanang’s residence which is now famously known as the Pinto Art Museum.

Don Kishin Javier

Don Kishin Javier creates one-of-a-kind sculptures made from wire strands which he elaborately twist and bend. He also incorporate the element of wood, resin and rocks in his arts.
Lucky Salayog is a self-taught sculptor who can transfor metals such as old chains, wheels, motors, doorknobs and hinges into metal art pieces. Lucky’s works are especially known for being meticulously assembled pieces of kinetic art.

Daniel Aligaen

Daniel Aligaen is a Sangviaje artist currently making waves in the local art scene. Daniel employs images from pop culture and religion to deliver his grand vision on the meaning of life and existence. His works is usually marked by intricate details and geometric shapes using visual allusion.

Blanco Family - The Family That Paints Together

The multi-talented Blanco family is famous in the art world. And it is by miracle of art genes that Jose "Pitok" Blanco and his children Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay and Peter Paul also paints. Each have their genre but also uses bold colors and hues showcasing Filipino lives and culture.

“My City, My SM, My Art” will run from September 1 to 5, 2017 at SM City San Mateo.

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