"Thiocell Takes "The Most Successful New Product" Award at Watson’s HWB Awards 2017

by - August 05, 2017

Asian women preference for having lighter skin is a known fact. Be it in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and even South Korea, the pursuit of having paper-white and flawless skin makes whitening products such a big business in this part of the world. And the Filipinas are not far behind in this pursuit. With literally hundreds of whitening products in the market, it is hard to choose what is the most effective and the safest of them all unless they are backed by a very reputable distributor like Watson’s Philippines.

In the recent Watson’s HWB Awards, one of their fast-selling glutathione product Thiocell was awarded "The Most Successful New Product." The outstanding sales of Thiocell's unique lozenge comes from reliable testimonials how Thiocell in lozenges form is easy to take and will give you a safe, faster and more effective results than any other glutathione products. In as fast as two weeks, visible results can be seen.

Moreover, Thiocell is not only a whitening product but also serves as an antioxidant which is vital in cleansing our liver and getting rid of all the toxic things inside our body.

As easy as popping candy into your mouth, you can now wake up to a new way of whitening and take Thiocell before breakfast. Its absorption starts the minute you take it and will give you the full dose of its whitening and anti-oxidant power.

Available at any Watson store, you can now buy Thiocell easily and wake up to a new way of whitening the Thiocell way!

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