The moisturizing “magic” of EB Evera Magic Lipstick

by - August 02, 2017

Lipstick is one of a girl’s bestfriend. Next to jewelry, a woman can’t have enough lipsticks and she would always be on the lookout for it especially if it’s one that can make your lips soft and supple.

Who says only a chosen few can be blessed with soft and supple pink lips? With the EB Evera Magic Lipstick, you can easily achieve long-lasting pink color that girls desire. Each shade changes a few seconds after applying. What’s even more interesting is that not everyone will get the same shade of pink, because this lipstick changes color depending on the user’s skin pH level!

Infused with moisturizers and fruity scents like Apple, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon, your lips are sure to be soft and supple all day long. So go ahead and flaunt those pink lips with the EB Evera Magic Lipstick.

EB Evera Magic Lipstick is available in all Ever Bilena counters from any leading supermarket, drugstore, convenience store or department store nationwide.

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