Gangnam Wings Leads All in Serving the Best and Most Authentic Korean Fried Chicken in Town

by - August 22, 2017

Did you know that there’s a correct way of frying chicken and that Koreans knows the secret to it? Since 2006, Korean chicken joints have been making waves in the global food arena. Factoring our love for Korean fried chicken is every K-drama series we’ve watched where there is always a scene of our favorite characters enjoying their fried chicken paired with beer – chimaek. There is even a funny trivia that Koreans fries chicken into extinction especially during World Cup.

As the Hallyu phenomenon continues to make wave in the country, we are on the lookout for the best Korean fried chicken there is and we found it at Gangnam Wings! We should give a big hug of thanks to CEO Rinky Tuano for introducing the most authentic Korean fried chicken there is in the city, the way Korean fried chicken should be.

For a year now, Gangnam Wings have been serving Korean dishes with a greater passion for the Korean Heritage and flavorful authentic food that we have come to love. It is the FIRST and the ONLY AUTHENTIC KOREAN RESTOBAR in the country serving THE BEST KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN.

Last August 18, 2017, Gangnam Wings had its relaunch and we enjoyed anew their delightfully yummy Korean fried chicken that comes in Original, Gangnam Yangnyum (Sweet), Gangnam Spicy (Sweet and Spicy) and Gangnam Gangjang Wings (Soya) flavors and their sumptuous dishes ofRamen, Bulgogi Fries, Budae Jigae, Truffle Kimchi,Ttekkbokki (rice cakes), Gimbap, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Japchae. And who would forget their bingsu and soju mix?

During the relaunch, fun activities such as Lord of the Wings and Blind-Tasting Test were held.

In a Blind-Tasting Test that was randomly conducted, ten participants triedtwo brands of Korean Fried Chicken, of course one of which is Gangnam Wings. The ten were asked which brand they prefer more and why. Blindfolded, they were asked to raise theheart using right hand if they prefer brand A; or left hand if they prefer brand B.As the brands were revealed, result showed that 8 out of the 10 participants loved and preferred Gangnam Wings! Daebak!

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In the Lord of the Wings, Mr. Lord Ancheta was declared the winner of the first ever WING OFF CHALLENGE.  


The celebration continues with Gangnam Wings presentation of their new product lines to add to their already bestselling Korean dishes made possible by Chef Jung Chungyeal.




In the coming months, delicious fusion with western cuisines will be introduced. Among them are Cheese Chicken Salads, Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Salad, Bulgogi Burger, Beef Bulgogi Sandwich, Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich, Kimchi Con Carne Fries, and Buffalo Wings among others.

For that immediate Korean fried chicken fix, visit Gangnam Wings located at Mega Strip A, SM Megamall. Follow their social media accounts at

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