Doraemon "I'm your Hero" Campaign

by - August 07, 2017

Many of us have a story of being unmercifully teased when we were younger, some even get bullied to an extent that it’s causing us pain. Its part of growing up they say and pretty much every child have experienced it. Some may be harmless but still you wish there’s someone who will always be there for you, defend you, take care of you, and be your good friend all the time. Someone like Doraemon.

Our favorite 90’s TV companion is a friend and a hero to us. Someone Heroes may come in various shapes and sizes. You may be used to the typical masked caped crusader with superhuman strength. But Doraemon is different from these. He may even look cute and sound, but his heroic qualities go beyond the physical.

Doraemon is a cat-type robot sent back in time from the future to help and guide a young boy named   Nobita. Instead of confronting his daily difficulties, Doraemon gives Nobita some other ways to cope. In this manner, he shares valuable principles that will form Nobita’s character.

Doraemon does not just give advice. He also has some techy tricks up his sleeves, or rather his 4D pocket. He uses these gadgets to keep Nobita out of trouble, sometimes ones that he started himself. Some of these secret gadgets which we are very familiar with are:

The​Takecopter ​ - place this handy propeller on top of the head and get ready to fly! 

The ​Dokademo door - also known as the Anywhere Door, takes you where you want to go within the limits of 10 light years.

But what makes Doraemon popular among kids and the young at heart is at the end of every adventure, he never fails to impart values. Honesty, perseverance, courage, family, and respect for elders while still lending a comic flavor to all his adventures. 


Doraemon’s happy, helpful, and heroic character is being made known beyond the confines of anime and TV shows. He continues to spread fun and learning through metro-wide events for Elementary students. The School Adventure is a series of shows happening from August to September 2017.   Beginning on August 2 at UNO High School and on August 24 at the College of the Holy Spirit. Doraemon believes in bringing out the best in every kid. Inspiring to make heroes out of each and every kid on a day of fun-filled activities with Doraemon, we aim to promote positive values to shape kids to be heroes in their own ways.

Doraemon will also be touring the metro through a series of mall activities called ROADventure. Starting this August until December 2017, kicking-off at SM North EDSA – The Block from August 7 to 13, 2017. The event will showcase the first ever Doraemon “I’m Your Hero” van where the participants can like, shoot, post, and share their photos and unique experience during the event together with the 16-ft Inflatable Doraemon. They will also get a chance to take photos with Doraemon himself!

Check out the schedule below!

This campaign is part of the ongoing efforts of Animation International Philippines (AIPH) to strengthen Doraemon’s brand visibility in the Philippines and for the market to be associated with the brand. 

As Mr. Abe A. Franco, AIPH General Manager remarked during the official launch of I’m Your Hero Campaign held at the Saisaki Restaurant last July, “AIPH is happy to enhance Doraemon’s image in the country. That is why AIPH has organized School Adventures for Elementary students and Roadventure for millennials and young adults. Through these “I’m Your Hero” tours, Doraemon’s success in the Philippines is very promising as we move forward to the coming years.”   

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