Doña Elena brings the Flair and Passion of Origen Flamenco Show

by - August 02, 2017

The stomping of feet, the movements of the arms, the sway of the body, the hand clapping. Before, I thought Flamenco is just a dance but then I found out it’s not. To be able to dance that passionately, the beat of the music should flow into the body’s dancer and absorb it. I never realized how wonderful Flamenco is until I’ve watched it first-hand, special thanks to Doña Elena, the leading brand of Mediterranean products in the Philippines as they brought the famed Spanish dance group Origen in Manila.

As I watched them onstage, I can’t help but be awed and emotional while listening to the old and deep sound of the flamenco instruments bringing soul-baring music while the Flamenco dancers passionately dance. This authentic flamenco performance is inspired by the music of the legendary Paco de Lucia, a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer and producer.

For me one of the highlights of the show is the dramatic entrance of Cristina Carrasco. We were so engrossed in the lively music being performed onstage until I noticed the girl covered in shawl slowly making her way up the stage. She stand motionless for like a few seconds, then she begin to move in tune with the music. With a steady beat of hand clapping, she began the passionate dance with fierce stomping that goes louder and faster.

Special mention also to Javier Serrano. Usually it’s the women who are most noticeable during a dance, but he held its own with his heart-thumping performances.

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It’s a night that I won’t forget for a long time. Truly amazing and as authentically Meditarranean and Spanish culture as you can get. A heritage that a brand like Dona Elena represent.

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