Top 7 Reasons Why WeCube is a Collaborative Eco-Sytem Working Space

by - July 07, 2017

As coworking spaces continues to expand in the country, one need to separate the ones who is just going along for the trend or the legitimate ones whose goal is to help businesses grow in the best possible conditions.

For a year now there exist a coworking space located in the heart of Makati that has been achieving explosive growth – WeCube. Believing that the country is at the cusp of breaking towards hypergrowth, their aim is to grow your business. They understand how hard it is to put up and run any kind of business thus WeCube wanted to make it easier for their clients and pooling together all the needed essentials into one place.

Here are the top 7 reasons why WeCube is a Collaborative EcoSystem Coworking Space:


WeCube offers a complete professional ecosystem for partners to grow their businesses in the best possible conditions.

Start up founders and professionals enjoy how WeCube brings the comfort of a permanent office without the hassle of administration and overhead. The shared suite of services allows them to focus on their projects while WeCube sweat the small stuff for them.


WeCube offers strategic counsel and advice for partners seeking to find trusted, insightful and actionable guidance to drive their business forward.


WeCube offers multiple networking opportunities for partners to connect to decision-makers and influencers. There’s ample synergies and business opportunities in WeCube ecosystem through events, and other projects that lets you share ideas and learn from others.

Full-service office worry-free benefits

WeCube offers a wide array of amenities such as 24/7 Security, Printing and copy machines, High Speed internet, Free flowing coffee and tea, Parking and their The Common Ground Café.

Flexi-Seat and semi-private Cubicles for Workshops, Talks and Events.

Support and Explore Opportunities

Strategic Mentorship Access to Funding Back Office Support Legal Counsel (Immigration, Incorporation, Intellectual Property) Accounting, Recruitment, Housing, Secretariat, Mailing and Administration Business Development Support* General Consulting Telemarketing Digital Communications Software and Website Development Lead Generation Project Management Online Magazine

Great Rates

WeCube offers affordable rates with:

PHP150 per hour
PHP400 per hour
PHP800 per day with a slice of grilled cheese

This all includes unlimited coffee, tea, water (and a loyalty card from The Common Ground).

Indeed, WeCube is the coworking space to be right now. It is more than an office space. It’s a space that can change your company for good which offers amazing support and even going the extra-mile to accommodate and help you.

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