Third Anniversary Celebration for Diana Stalder's Gateway

by - July 18, 2017

Every great brand start from humble beginnings. In the 1990s, Ms. Dina dela Paz-Stalder  was happily mixing up a batch of her first beauty potions which she preferred to be called “compoundings” in a stainless steel pot that comes from England which she has kept unto this day.

Taking her first step independently, Dina started with a small drugstore, Beauchamps Pharmacy, in 1989. But she did not just stop there. In 1996, Dermaline Facial Center, now known as the Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skin Care and Beauty Café, was established. In 1999, she further established Beauchamps Pharmacy Dermatological Corporation as the marketing arm to distribute beauty products, and the Stalder Laboratories Incorporation as the manufacturing arm to produce different products for every skin need.

In 2004, the brand name was changed carrying the name of Dina’s daughter, Diana Stalder. Now, Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skin Care Center is the forerunner of beauty and skin care industry for 21 years.

This is how Ms. Dina dela Paz recall her humble start during Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skin Care Center  in Gateway’s 3rd anniversary celebration. Over the years, Ms. Dina dela Paz presides over a skin care empire that now includes five branches and counting and her own skincare manufacturing company with her daughter Diana, who is a registered pharmacist and aesthetician following her mother’s steps into the business.

dS boasts of a CGMP certification, which refers to the current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to Ms. Dina, “It’s better than an ISO certification.”  You will notice how dS fare among the many beauty and skin care industry and why loyal clients keep on coming back is because of their reasonable and high quality beauty products which they manufacture on their own, thus the reasonable price.

Other than their quality products, Diana Stalder also provides excellent service from basic care to anti-acne, anti-aging, whitening and other medical procedures, to high quality and luxurious treatment.

As part of their two decades in the industry and always providing and upgrading better service, dS introduces its “Luxurious Treats.”

In line with the third year anniversary of their Gateway branch, dS have a treat for their loyal and new dS clients. Discounts is being offered for you to try their imported luxe line of facial treatments from Casmara, a luxury beauty company from Spain with over 40 years of experience. The discounted offer will be available from July-September 2017.

These are the four “Luxurious Treats” you can avail:

Nacar Treatment plus Blanc White

The Nacar Treatment plus Blanc White is a combination of two powerful brands for fast and effective whitening plus anti-aging. It promotes skin lightening and illuminating which is suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with localized and diffuse blemishes.

Caviar Luxury Facial treatment plus dS Anti-Aging Kit

The Caviar Luxury Facial treatment plus dS Anti-Aging Kit is an Anti-Aging Fusion, which is an excellent way to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. Just the name alone of a Caviar Luxury facial already evokes indulgence. This is because the trace elements of caviar promote smoothness and elasticity.

Instalift Luxury Facial

The Instalift Luxury Facial is so called because it’s non-invasive and an alternative to facial surgery in combination with Rgnerin Mask RT4 Retinol with Vitamin C, which stimulates cell regeneration. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lift and tone facial muscles, firm facial contours and gives more youthful appearance. The Rgnerin Mask contains linseed oil, which softens and acts as an emollient while the aloe soothes and tones, and acts as an anti-irritant.

Skin Sensations treatment includes Casmara Gold Mask 2080

Nothing says luxury like gold, and the Skin Sensations treatment includes Casmara Gold Mask 2080, which contains 24k gold dust and seaweed extract, which tightens the face and neckline combined with intense nutrition and revitalization. The seaweed extracts provides deep moisturization

Diana Stalder’s excellent service is something Ms. Dina is really proud of. They provide no matter the tier of the treatment you choose. “We are a favorite of various local coupon sites because we never skimp on our facial supreme treatment; it’s always 15 steps,” she says with pride.

At Diana Stalder, they start with evaluating your skin. They have a machine called the skin analyzer imported from Germany, which identifies your skin type and your problem areas, and they will tailor a regimen that is suitable for you.

Diana Stalder is also certified by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC), and they adhere very strictly to their high standards of hygiene and aesthetics.

Diana herself, on top of her degree in pharmacy, also completed an intensive aesthetics course in the United Kingdom, where this practice is taken very seriously and involves a very high level of professionalism. This is the philosophy they apply across all their branches.

To learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services, visit the official website at and follow us on our social media accounts; Facebook:, Twitter: @Diana_stalder and Instagram: @dianastalder.

You may also visit the following Diana Stalder branches near you.

Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta Center Cubao
02.351.0299 | 0922.822.6650

SM Megamall, 5/F Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
02.984.8188 | 0925.300.6395

SM Calamba, 3/F, Calamba Laguna
049.306.0602 | 0923.730.3738

SM Bacolod, 3/F North Wing, Bacolod City
034.468.0200 | 0932.489.7527

Robinson’s Place Iloilo, 2/F Ledesma Wing, Iloilo City

033.330.1554 | 0922.866.8236

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