The Food Truck Manila - QC Invasion

by - July 10, 2017

The booming food park/food truck scene in the city has given many foodies the choice of searching for the finest food and satisfying their cravings for whatever that takes their fancy. Take the newest food truck in town – The Food Truck Manila. The concept of Food Truck Manila is to have a place where locally owned food stalls could flourish in one place.

Food Truck Manila have a four-level amenities unheard of in the food park business. It has architecturally designed floor levels, big enough space for tables and floors especially designed for families and gatherings. The owners invested indeed by creating a property in which local food business could thrive for many years to come.

Mr. Joni Cabrera, toured us around the place and introduced the 32 food booths inside. The original plan is to fill the place with 36 stalls but the vacant four stalls will be turned into entertainment den complete with beer-pongs, darts place among others.

The décors and theme looks amazing and from outside the place is enticing. It’s one of the cleanest place I have been to. It’s well-lit and spacious and houses the best food stalls with menus we get to try afterwards.

Friends, groups and families, or anyone just looking to sample a variety of best-tasting food are welcome. At present, live music entertain the diners.

Prepare yourself as I present to you the finest food truck food you can imagine. The photos will say it all. They are yummy, well-prepared and the best food there is in this side of the metro.

Eats A Thai

Pong’s Bonuan Bangus


Captain Marley

Butterfly Squid

Cafe UK

Adobo House

What’s Up Dough?

Sumo Chef




Curt Kebob

Isaw @ Iba Pa 

PORN PLATTER: Ohh Isaw, Maria Isawa, Ear Phone, Flower Pork, Betamax, ChikkaBabe and Gizzardo Verzosa

Takumi Korean Fusion 


Longga Nation

Tex Mex

Grilllax Flame Hut

Rox Gastropub Pizza

Patata Madness

Goto King

Tinusok ni Juan Food Station

Wenzyl Humba and Sutukil


El Papi Chulo

Sun Kian

Juanitos Buko

The Details:

Food Truck Manila - QC


Highlights info row image (02) 985 5711

All photos are mine.

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