SHOPWISE BEST VALUE FINDS 2017 Cooking Competition

by - July 10, 2017

Weeks ago I got a text from an unknown number inviting me to be part of Shopwise Event on June 30, 2017.  I said yes and began exchanging text with Maha Francisco of AQA. As the event date got closer, I found that instead of being a guest, I now become part of the SHOPWISE BEST VALUE FINDS 2017 Cooking Competition where there will be 2 teams of 2 food bloggers each team.

As a blogger, this will be the first time I will be participating in such activity. My blogger life has given me unique opportunities to try out many interesting things – from going to Batangas to try farm to table recipes to going to Baguio to cover sports events, but to be in a cooking challenge, when I don’t even cook? This is a first. I may not have tried cooking elaborate meals but I know which food is delicious and I know where the products are located in a supermarket, especially if it’s Shopwise. My guilty pleasure when I used to work, there’s a Shopwise in front of our office, is roamed around the supermarket aisles. I did this like every day except weekend for like more than ten years!

I was kind of apprehensive and curious about the SHOPWISE BEST VALUE FINDS 2017 Cooking Demo. Luckily, they ask for a partner that will be with me during the demo so I have to think really hard who I will go with that can and knows how to cook. I choose my friend Leomy Sanchez because she’s forever thinking of what to cook when she gets home and we always do grocery shopping whenever we have time.

Before the requested meeting with Ms. Johanna Bongolan of AQA, I already have in mind the simple dishes we will make – Creamy Tuna Pasta and Cereal Cheese Balls. It’s a good thing the participating brands have all the things we needed.

They ask us the ingredients we will need for the event and briefed us what we need to do like shooting a scene of us shopping for ingredients and the activities that will happen while we are cooking.

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Finally it was June 30 and we are more than ready. The event SHOPWISE BEST VALUE FINDS 2017 is held at Shopwise Cubao and is hosted by Ms. Janice De Belen, a known Celebrity Chef.

As we wait, we felt more at ease mainly because of the friendly AQA and Shopwise people. The shooting scene showing us ingredients-shopping went well.

We were given premium ingredients from the participating brands such as Southdale Farm Dairy Products, Sunharvest Cereals, Papa Alfredo Pasta and Sauces, Captain's Catch Tuna, Veneto Mineral Water, Fontauroi Mineral Water and others. We were required to include several of them in our dish of Creamy Tuna Pasta and Cereal Cheese Balls.

Looking at our mini-kitchen set-up, I suddenly realized that we are actually going to do it. Although the contest/demo is just for bragging rights, Leomy said that she wants to win this and I was like why not but we are facing a seasoned mommy/blogger/cook who is also our friend. But I reminded Leomy that this event will be more of us having fun.

Before the program proper, we started dicing and preparing everything since the demo will just take twenty minutes while the event is taking place.

Then its game on. Ms. Janice de Belen started interviewing us on what we are cooking and asking us how we felt. Then leave us to do our cooking. As our cooking progressed, the event goes on with Joseph Anthony Apostol for his Wine Flair showcasing the wines included in the Best Value Finds. The audience and guests were entertained with his bartending tricks. After that, Ms. Janice de Belen, showcased her cooking skills by preparing a meal much to the delight of the audience.

Twenty minutes passed and then its judgment time. We did the cooking, the plating and then the tasting began. We were kind of nervous when they began tasting and interviewed us on the dishes. The three judges were Mr. Stephane Pariente, SVP for Operations of RSCI, Mr. Kerwin Legarde, VP for Non Food and GMS Merchandising of RSCI and Ms. Janice de Belen.

We waited for a few minutes before they announced the winner of the best tasting pasta. And guess what? WE WON! Our Creamy Tuna Pasta and Cereal Cheese Ball is judged yummy and Leomy and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you AQA and Shopwise for this wonderful experience. We have so much fun.

The SHOPWISE BEST VALUE FINDS 2017 is a unique best buy platform by Shopwise for all their loyal shoppers. When it comes to premium products, Shopwise is very popular and known for having products not available anywhere.

Here are the participating brands:

Southdale Farm Dairy Products
Sunharvest Cereals
Papa Alfredo Pasta and Sauces
Captain's Catch Tuna
Veneto Mineral Water
Fontauroi Mineral Water
Brewtime Tea
French Cellars
Red Peak
Winemakers Reserve
World O'noodle
Feather Soft Tissue
Dentismile Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Jolly Tots Candies and Sweets
Surebuy Condiments 
Vita Pet- Pet Food

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