Say Hello to Burger King's Cheetos 4-Cheese Crunch and Thick-Blended Milkshakes

by - July 17, 2017

Burger King Finds His True Match

I’m a burger – person, I love burger the most and I’m always on the lookout for the best burger in town. I remember when I was in Seoul and it was so cold that one November day, I was hankering for a good-old burger to lift me up. I look all over because I don’t like the burger in the hotel where I’m staying. And then I saw a Burger King at Myeondong and I was so happy. I was disappointed when I entered the place because the line is long and everyone seemed to huddle inside. But I waited because the thought of juicy, smoky taste hot off the grill burger is making me happy.


Burger King has always been my go-to burger and I tried all their burgers believe me. This time what makes me happy is that Burger King officially launched the new Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger. Held at the Burger King Greenhills last July 14,2017, the launch of the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger simply wowed us because the new burger have the unique combination of four-cheese flavors with our favorite flame grilled patty and what is amazing is it is made even better with the addition of Cheetos signature crunch.

So what do you think is inside the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch? It is made with Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno and 100% beef patty bringing a cheesier, beefier, tastier, and hotter burger experience. Sharing the spotlight are its other ingredients, which include Mozzarella, Swiss cheese, American cheese and Cheddar Cheese sauce. It was so delicious especially when it's hot off the grill!

During the launch, it was also revealed that Burger King Philippines is rooting for an ideal partner for the Cheetos 4 Cheese Crunch Burger with no less than a milkshake. If you’re as fond as me of watching 1950’s themed American movie, I’m sure you’ll notice how they always order their burger with a Milkshake.

Well you could try one now as Burger King Philippines is blending a special concoction of thick milkshakes made up of creamy vanilla, rich chocolates or strawberry dreams. But this blend remains in the BK kitchen as they want to hear first of what you think of the great addition to the menu. Is it a yay or a nay?

As one of the first who have a heavenly taste of the thick-blended milkshakes where every slurp is a burst of creamy, yummy goodness, then its’ a big YAY!  I love how the milkshake perfectly complements the unique flame grilled taste of their burger and the soft and crispy quality of their thick cut fries.

This new variations and reinventing of their products is one of Burger King’s continued effort to satisfy the craving of Burger King’s consumers according to Ms. Jo Anne Tan, Burger King Philippines Marketing Head. She added that “we hope to bring milkshakes in the Philippines to complete the “indulgent American burger experience.”  

The heavenly cups of thick and creamy goodness will be surprisingly affordable so they’re definitely to watch out for and you decide whether its’ a YAY or a NAY to partner this with a burger.

Highlights and Sidelights:

Me and Chester the Cheetos

Chester - The One True King

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