Zark’s: Upgrading Your Burger Experience

by - June 21, 2017

Eight years ago, young entrepreneur, Rolandrei Viktor “Zark” Varona discovered a vacant 20- sqm. commercial space along Taft Avenue. At that time, the former OFW, who had just concluded a two-year stint in the kitchens of a cruise ship already owning a franchise for a noodle shop that unfortunately did not work. After six months, he revisited the spot and knew that the location held much potential for a burger joint.

“We did a study and found out that during that time, walang casual dining burger joint. So, I filled the gap sa market, yung need sa market na I think may potential mag scale up. Hindi naman ako nagkamali. Sinimulan ko yung Zark’s.”, Zark recalls.

Arising from this observation, “Zark” Varona has found the middle ground in offering hamburgers that truly satisfy even the most gargantuan appetites, yet at prices that do not break the bank. Thus, Zark was born.

The burger market, highly concentrated in the youth market, seems to have embraced Zark’s wholeheartedly!


Consistent with Zark’s Burgers’ tagline “Fresh. Huge. Great.” The burgers come out fresh in huge servings, offering a great and filling dining experience with a sporty theme in mind.

Recently, Zark’s taking burgers to the next level with its all-new burger offerings starting at Php109! Among the burgers included are:

The New Orleans favorite, Ragin Cajun, is your pick for something spicy!

Ranch Time, for burgers topped with Zark’s version of Cajun dressing.

Floyd Chicken Sandwich is boneless deep-fried chicken oozing with garlic cream cheese in six different herbs and spices.

Sloppy J wins with its homemade chunky meat sauce.

Aside from these, Zark’s is also famous for:

The Deep-Fried Bacon Wrapped. Quarter pound deep-fried cheeseburger with their signature Barbeque Rhum sauce.

Luther Burger. Double cheeseburger with two bacon strips sandwiched in honey-glazed donuts.

Thunder Mac & Cheese. Burger topped with mac & cheese and bacon strips.

Jawbreaker. Triple cheeseburgers with two slices of spam and bacon strips smothered in cheese sauce.

Tombstone. Eight all-beef patties, four slices of stacked American cheddar, topped with overflowing cheese sauce.

Are you hungry yet?

With these very affordable burger with big servings, Zark’s is quite popular.

“I think it’s really the value for money. The principle is to be fair, not only with my suppliers, not only with my team members, but also with the customers. I don’t want to rip them off, ganun yung values ko. I give them the values sa ibabayad nila. And I think they appreciate (naman) what we serve to them,” Zark explained.

“I think it’s the right time for us to announce to everyone that we are here; we’re taking the Zark’s brand to the next level and we’re the number one casual dining burger joint.”

At present, there are currently 32 branches nationwide -- with four currently in Visayas. With eight more opening including Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Expansion in the North furthers as a new store in Clark opens, going forward by city. This is the pace that Zark prefers for the growth of all his company-owned branches.

 “We have developed a system, built our own commissary, strong and competent management team. Along with that, yes. We are opening our doors for franchising.”

For franchising inquiries, please feel free to contact

For more information about Zark’s Burgers, follow them on FB:

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