Top 4 Things to Expect as Sun Life Celebrates 4th Financial Independence Month

by - June 10, 2017

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., the number one life insurance company in the Philippines, is marking the 4th Financial Independence Month this June to help Filipinos break free from the cycle of financial shortage and insecurity. 

Several activities were lined up that will help inspire Filipinos to pursue their financial freedom and will empower them on how to follow concrete steps toward them. Here are the top four things you should accept and also participate in:

Launch of the new collection of digital films dubbed Sun Shorts

Since 2012 Sun Life has been releasing short films project that has been recognized by different prestigious local and international award-giving bodies and is lauded for its creative approach to promoting insurance and investment products.

This Year the theme of Sun Shorts will highlight the relationships that make lives #BrighterTogether. As Ms. Mylene Lopa said, it will center on,“The people we love give us the courage to dream big and the strength to keep going even if sometimes it feels like the odds are against us. Truly, we are brighter together,” 

The three new Sun Shorts films is released on June 7 and these are  'Waves,' 'She Said, She Said' and 'Sayaw' will present this in stories inspired by the stories of Sun Life clients. 

“Waves” by Zig Marasigan gives a peek into the mindset of millennials, who are often criticized for adhering to the “YOLO” mindset and not preparing well enough for the future; a young single mom’s journey takes centerstage in “She Said, She Said” by Nic Reyes; while Mihk Vergara will delve into the reality of coping with a long-time marriage that has gone cold in “Sayaw.” 

Each film will also come with an explainer video, where Sun Life brand ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Ann Santos, and Piolo Pascual will share their thoughts and shed light on how insurance and investments enable us to protect the relationships that matter to us. 

Activities that will empower Filipinos and follow concrete steps to Financial Freedom

To complement the new Sun Shorts films, Sun Life will hold a series of activities throughout June as a next step for those who would like to boost their financial journey. 

For the millennials, Sun Life will offer a workshop on achieving their travel goals.

Mom And Dads. A pampering activity to help put them in the best mindset to create future goals. 

For details on these activities, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Online Basic Financial Planning Course

For those who can't attend and prefers online activities, Sun Life offers online course for those who prefer to learn at their convenience, They will offer basic financial planning courses in the Brighter Life Institute at

Launch of Affordable Personal Accident Protection for Online Shopper

Sun Life will also launch an affordable personal accident protection for Filipino online shoppers through its partnership with Voyager Innovations, Inc. Members of the online marketplace may exclusively enjoy the benefits of this protection. 

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