Three Most Important Steps towards Financial Freedom a Mother Should Do

by - June 23, 2017

I’ve read somewhere that a mother only get seventeen minutes of me-time each day. Seventeen! And during those precious minutes, I’m sure that some of them still have their mind into overdrive thinking about her family, what meals to prepare next, etc. So in short there isn’t really a me-time after all. Giving in to taking a time for themselves would feel like being out of control.

As a mother, we fear of losing control, but it’s alright if that control slips most time, as stated by psychologist Ms. Michelle Alignay during the financial talk that Sun Life Philippines provided for Moms during the Mom’s Day Out.

Come to think of it, many children place their mother on a pedestal. They look up to them, they look for them seeking support, advice or comfort. But mothers are human too. We may be Super Moms and truthfully we would give our lives to our children but over time these relationship changes. One good example of this is the #SunShorts video She Said, She Said shared by Sun Life Financial Philippines. Changes do happen and we need to plan for this.

With this mind set, the subject of financial security is important. More than taking care of themselves once in a while, responsible motherhood need thinking about financial planning.

Nowadays, Moms, especially Working Mom, are building foundation to secure their children’s financial and educational future. Taking steps that will help them be financially secure. So what are these steps?


They say a good mother knows how to budget and they do that for the rest of their life. Budgeting means you can be better off financially. A responsible mother have the ability to decide how they will spend their money, where the money will go. Budget will let you track whether you are overspending or not. If you master budgeting then your financial future is looking good.

Create Educational Plan

Most of the family budget went into education and just thinking about the tuition is enough to think of sending them to public school. But for parents who want more for their children’s education, looking for a good school is a must. The trend now is to start an educational plan while their child is still a baby. Being realistic, they know that tuition each year goes up and by the time their children go to college, tuition will be at an astronomical high. So what better ways than to get an investment that also grows with time?

Look for a Good Investment Plan

Knowing that you have good investment is enough to give you a peace of mind for the future. Start looking for an investment or insurance plan that can help you deal with any unexpected thing that will happen in the future. The secure the investment plan, the safer you can feel about the future.

All these steps are necessary and I learned some good steps during Sun Life Philippines’s Mom’s Day Out I mentioned above. The pampering session and the eye-opening financial talk was held I’M Onsen Spa at I’M Hotel. Afterwards we enjoy a sumptuous buffet at Bloom located inside the hotel.

Sun Life has been known to give financial talks meant to help Filipinos secure a good future with concrete steps toward financial freedom. With June as Financial Independence Month, Sun Life lined up several activities to help achieve this. They also released new sets of digital #SunShorts.

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