Review: Roma Face Contouring at the ROMA WELLNESS CENTER

by - June 15, 2017

Taking good care and beautifying our skin, especially us women, should be one of our priorities as we get older. Our skin is not what is used to be when we are younger. Our skin loses its elasticity and over time it may appear to sag making our appearance reflects our age.

As such we look for ways to make our skin younger looking and fresh at all times. As I enter the fourth decade of my life, I find myself wanting to beautify and avail of services that will take off the years off my skin.

During my visit to the ROMA WELLNESS CENTER, I immediately feel most welcome when the staff greeted me. Ms. Mayette Roldan, the Sales and Operations Manager  is so affable and knows what best services you should avail.  I was vacillating between Diamond Peel service and Roma Face Contouring. As they explain to me fully what each entails I decided to try the face contouring.

The 20 minute service aims to tone and tighten my facial skin and though it will take several session to achieve the tightening and contouring, my first session already has visible result.

I love how the machine roams around my eyes, face and neck. The cool effect is soothing and feels refreshing and I can feel its tightening effect. After the treatment I super love how my face absolutely glow and I feel beautiful with the way my skin looks and it’s just for one session.

ROMA   WELLNESS   CENTER offers the most up to date facial care, anti- aging, skin whitening, hair removal,face contouring, skin rejuvenation, body slimming and re-shaping, pampering treatment and other services like sclerotheraphy, keloid treatment, wart removal and acne injection.

For appointment, you can contact their Customer Hotline numbers with their landline at (632) 771-2730 and their Mobile:  (63) 0926-0276225and  0947-5438509

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