Diana Stalder's Holistic Approach to Beauty and Skincare

by - June 15, 2017

It’s a sad truth that we cannot stop aging and the ravages brought about by time to our body. For us women, there’s a need to brace ourselves as we grow older. We all wanted to have beautiful and healthy skin.

Many companies spend billions to create products that will allay the fear of the aging consumers. As consumers we spend a lot on beauty products and health foods. We are always on the lookout for new anti-aging products and “miracle” diet programs.

But with all this hype, there is a call to go back to basic of what makes our skin beautifully healthy and what our body needs to maintain its optimum level by choosing what we eat. This holistic approach to skin care and diet is what Diana Stalder Skincare Center is all about.

For two decades now, Diana Stalder continues to provide its customers with the highest standard of skincare treatments, quality products, and excellent service.  They have been a recipient of Outstanding Surgical and Skin Care Center by the Consumer’s Choice Awards and was a finalist in the 2007’s Most Promising Filipino Franchise.

Diana Stalder Skincare Center caters to our skin and body and make it look better than ever. They understands all about skin and their holistic approach to beauty includes optimal diet, lifestyle and skin care products choices.

During the media mini briefing held at the dS Café I learned that Diana Stalder’s approach to beautify our skin depends on our skin types and skin zones. Our facial zones needs different skin care and products. Furthermore, what we eat reflects on our skin.

One of Diana Stalder’s continuing innovation center on what is happening inside our body thus they now offer a holistic approach to beauty by integrating the science of dietary nourishment to guarantee better results on the premise that most skin problems are not merely a result of external factors but also what we eat.

With dS Café they serve healthier alternative meals, snacks, and beverages suited for the health-conscious according to Ms. Dina Stalder, founder Diana Stalder Skincare Center. dS Café – a coffee and snack bar – have branches at Megamall and Gateway. It features Canada’s top weight loss program, Ideal Protein, a medically designed protocol that provides a variety of protein-rich, low calorie products. Ms. Dina also emphasized that everything served at the café were meticulously prepared and crafted with ingredients coming from the company’s very own organic farm located in Laguna.

We have fun eating at the café and I absolutely love their Green Salad and Tomato Chutney best of all. The Calamansi Fresh Juice is so refreshing.

Diana Stalder’s customers can also try their free Skin Analysis and take a peek of what skin problems they need to focus on.

Overall, Diana Stalder Skincare Center is the most prominent face, body, and skin care center nowadays. It is the result of Ms. Dina Stalder’s hard work in providing what is lacking in the dermatological offerings in the country. Her varied experience and education in skin care has created quality skin care products that satisfy every Filipinas desire for beautiful skin. Not only that, she also advocate with several projects to help and teach households in San Isidro Laguna where Stalder’s Laboratory Inc. is located.

Nowadays, Ms Dina is getting full support  from her daughter Diana who expresses to continue the company’s mission to be acknowledged as the leading skin care clinic in the Philippines. Diana’s other siblings also take part in the business.

In days to come, Diana Stalder Skincare Center will introduce the newest skin care innovations. On my next post, I will feature one of its services, the RGnerin + RT4 Retinol + Vitamin C treatment.

For more information visit their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline?_rdc=1&_rdr

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