Big Agrochemical Company UPL Offers One-Stop-Farmer -Solution

by - May 15, 2017

Food comprises the largest share in the consumer’s basket. In most countries of the world, they spend millions and millions on food and keeping the food system in order has always been the number one priority. Our main source of food comes from fishermen, organic producers and most especially the farmers. To be able to feed us, farmers needs a higher yield of crops. But nowadays, farmers doesn’t only think of a higher crop yield, they also think about the environment and how they must use products that are safe for the crops and for them.

UPL, the tenth largest agrochemical in the world, as part of their corporate responsibility always have in mind the safety of many farmers around the world. Even without that mandate, UPL’s business is to protect the environment and the people while helping the farmers to achieve profitability and maintain a smooth flow of the food system.

UPL innovates products for the benefit of farmers the world over. They have a large portfolio of total crop selections to ensure farmer’s profitability. From seeds to post harvest solutions, UPL is a leading global producers of this crop protection products, intermediate and specialty chemicals as well as other industrial chemicals. In their wide range are insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, fumigants and rodenticides. They have been awarded the Top 50 Most Caring Companies in 2014 and that care extended not only to farmers but especially to their employees, the environment and even to non-farmers.

Unlike most companies, UPL hands-on approach to their customers includes teaching farmers the proper way of applying their products as well as proper rotation and creating product for various crops. There are many factors affecting yield and to prevent losses for the farmers they created newly active ingredients that will destroy pests that feeds on crops.

UPL is realistic that there is no pesticides in the market that can fully control the pests. Not even 100 percent chemical application can totally kill them and there’s a big chance that the safety of the farmers or the environment can be compromised.

With less than five decades of promoting the farmer’s safety and innovating products that will control the upsurge of pests, UPL aims to make the world a better place. Everything they do is not just for business because UPL’s core is Doing Things Better.

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