The Beauty of Master of Art Timepieces

by - April 02, 2017

People who love watches have something to look forward to. Those who are always on the look out for one-of-a-kind timepiece that can be kept as a special memento or worn with designs that is fashionable and classy but trendy at the same time can set their eyes on Master of Art watches.

The Master of Art timepieces have a wonderful story and it started by chance when a young lady walked the streets of Geneva one fateful day to browse stores that sell timepieces. From there the Master of Arts was conceptualized. Master of Art is a special breed of timepieces that was born on the mind of Ms. Frances Kay, she whose blood runs on creating wonderful timepieces. 

On her travels to Geneva, she noticed that most of the timepieces offered the same usual designs that for her represented mundane things, she told herself that she would make a difference and design watches based on the events of one’s life, and with different art elements that come into play during those moments.

Ms. Frances Kay further observed that you can’t always control life’s circumstances but you can always design how you react to them. For her, one always has the ability to make a change.

As the main designer of Master of Art watches, she believes that all of life is about art, and everyone can be the master of his or her own destiny. True to the meaning of her name Frances, “the free one,” she lives her life shaping her own future, making each moment count towards the fulfilment of her dream.

Since that day in Geneva, Frances has been designing Master of Art timepieces, crafting each one with the art elements which connote different life moments.

Truly, each Master of Art timepiece has a special story and inspiration behind it. And we would like the Master of Art watches to be the status symbol for those who know what they want and how to get it. For the masters of their destiny, we offer no less than the Master of Art as a companion to their life journey.

Recently, Master of Arts collaborates with World-Renowned Fashion Designer Francis Libiran. These collaboration will assure watch-lovers of producing High Standard Timepieces with Quality for the world to see. Bear in mind that these watches are not built to coincide trends. They are made to stand the test of time, to endure the trials and tribulations of man and to set a brand new standard for watchmaking of this caliber. Words are not able to describe these timepieces fully. One must be there personally to truly understand its magnificence. 

You can visit MOA x Francis Libiran Flagship Store at the 2nd Level Glorietta 4 just beside Rustan;s Department Store in Ayala, Makati 

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