Sarah Geronimo Speaks Up for Kamillosan M Spray

by - April 29, 2017

As someone who is more susceptible to sore throat which happens a few times a year, I know how it feels when you suffer irritation, swelling or itchiness in your throat and you feel pain when you swallow and I’m just an ordinary person. Just Imagine if you’re a singer or you use your voice in your daily activities. Seriously, a sore throat is a hassle and could take a toll on your voice when you get it.

Medically speaking, sore throat is normally caused by viruses or bacteria and in a tropical country such as ours, changes in temperature and weather can also be a factor. It can also come from airborne such as outdoor pollution, allergens in the air, smoking cigarettes, and second-hand smoking or excessive and forceful usage of your voice that can cause muscle strain in your throat.

Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo is not immune to it also and last April 21, 2017 at the Discovery Primera , she was introduced as the newest endorser of Kamillosan M Spray - a clinically proven all-natural sore throat spray solution.

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During the event, Sarah recalled her journey as a singer and how she learned to give positivity, inspiration and motivation to her fans by the power of her voice which just makes her the perfect model for Kamillosan’s Speak Up campaign. The Speak Up advocacy’s main goal is to make the brand more known to the public not only as a means of providing relief from sore throat.

Patty Nuqui, Marketing Director of Kamillosan shares, “The essence of our campaign is to really encourage people to speak up with the help of Kamillosan. Just like Sarah, we hope to inspire people to pursue their passion without any hindrance along the way, especially sore throat.”

Kamillosan M Spray contains 8 active ingredients that effectively soothe and relieve sore throat.
The 8 ingredients are Chamomile extract, Methyl salicylate, Peppermint oil, Sage oil, Anise oil, dwarf pine needle oil, Bergamot oil and Cineol, they work together in fighting and treating sore throat.

Chamomile, the main ingredient, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain, swelling, and redness. Combining this with the anti-bacterial effects of essential oils from Peppermint, Sage, and Bergamot these eight ingredients of Kamillosan M makes it highly suited for sore throat relief. It laso has a minty fresh sweet aftertaste which is so unlike the other medicinal throat sprays in the market today.

Kamillosan M Spray is a product of A. Menarini Philippines which belongs to Menarini, one of the largest Italian biopharmaecutical groups.

“We are truly proud and delighted to have this opportunity to not just introduce a product we support and believe in, but to have Kamillosan take the higher ground and mean more to people than just a product for sore throat,” A. Menarini Philippines’ General Manager, Ninia Torres, added.

To know more about Kamillosan, visit

Kamillosan is available in all leading drugstores nationwide at Php428.00 SRP. A 15mL bottle of Kamillosan is good for 104 sprays

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