Product Review: Easy Rinse and Gentle on Hands Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

by - April 11, 2017

A mother needs little help from household chores every now and then. Mothers may be a Superwoman in disguise but they too need all the help they can get. For me, washing dishes may be a simple chore but making sure that the plates, utensils, cooking paraphernalia is clean and safe for my family to use is a worthy habit.

In the past I lean on using dishwashing powder or paste but the wonders of dishwashing liquid has come a-calling. Then I discover Bubble Man easy rinse and gentle on hand dishwashing liquid.

Bubble Man contain ingredients that react with food particles such as oil, food bits and stain that makes it easier to scrape them away.

I don’t know about you but there are plates, especially the plastic ones, when after a few rinse you could still feel the oil and grease and it’s so frustrating. My number one rule in dishwashing is no oily surface in plates the more effective the dishwashing liquid is for me.

Bubble Man cleaning power is amazing. It gets the job done and it gets oil, grease and stains scrubbed off, even food particles in plate that was left behind for a few hours. (There are times when you don’t feel like washing dishes.)

Also Bubble Man’s price is reasonable and it is safe to use even by children who loves to help out. The kids especially love squirting Bubble man because it’s not runny like other brands and rinse easily. There is no need to use strong force to scrub off and it foam easily, though in my opinion, a great amount of foam is not really an indicator that it can cleans off dirt.

Bubble Man available variants of Antibac, Lemon and Kalamansi leaves no smell and even safer to use for cleaning baby’s feeding bottles.

My verdict - Bubble Man is a brand that will be used by mothers in years ahead. It is gentle on skin, rinse easily, leaves no smell, no soap and reasonably priced.

This Mother’s Day why not gift your mother a pack of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid.

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