ICATS, Top-Notch Flight Attendant School Celebrates 7th Anniversary

by - April 16, 2017

When I was little, there’s this commercial I love showing those lovely stewardess and their bright smile. There’s confidence in the way they walk and their dolled-up look made up the very person so many little girls dreams of being one someday.

It is this dream that the International Cabin Attendants Training School (ICATS) was founded seven years ago. To serve as a beacon for young dreamers in conquering the skies and helps in fulfilling their dreams reach the highest potentials.

ICATS humble beginning started in 2009 when Princess Joy Garcia, the CEO and co-founder, with Arthuro de Leon and the late Armie Guiao established the school. From the first batch in 2010 with just three enrollees, they have been steadfast in their mission to meet the demands of the airline service industry and had met every challenges they faced. Since then ICATS soared higher and have produced graduates with strong potentials.

In 2014, ICATS enrollment showed rapid increase that required them to transfer to a bigger venue with more classrooms to accommodate the rise of enrollees. With its continued transformation, ICATS truly has become one of the most reputable and highly accredited professional training school in the country, much more than what CEO Garcia dreamed of and conceptualized.

To date, ICATS has provided the hospitality airline industry with more than 200 highly-trained graduates who now hold vital positions in prestigious local and international airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Cebu Pacific, Fly Nas, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air Asia among others.

As they celebrate their 7th founding years, ICATS’s success is the fruit of the team that works together with one mission, passion and vision. They celebrate it with various special events such as community-giving and volunteer activities with a series of outreach visitation to seven charity institutions. Dedication and Worship Service in the campus, Blood-letting donation in partnership with Philippine Red Cross and a Grand Gala Night with the theme ‘Rejoicing Years of Passion, Advancing the Mission’ held at Crowne Plaza.

Setting the stage for the years to come, ICATS is more than ready to conquer the skies and the world anew for those who are passionate in chasing bigger dreams and life-changing opportunities.

To know more about ICATS Programs which comes in Silver (Flight Attendant Day Training), Gold Program (Flight Attendant Night Training) and Platinum Program (ICATS’ graduate refresher training), visit their website at www.icatsonline.com and their social media accounts @icatsfaschool for their Instagram and Twiiter account and their Facebook page/icats.ph 

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