Zoom Courier Inc High Quality Delivery Service

by - March 21, 2017

In this digital age, everything is at the tips of our fingers. Online banking, online shopping - name it and our life has been made easier now that our world is online. Apparently, courier service has also stepped up as we can now rely on delivery service for all our virtual needs. Introducing Zoom Courier Inc.

We all know how hard it is to find a courier service we can depend on. It’s a real tough thing to find someone that is reliable, honest and dependable. For a company which started last February, 2016 Zoom has been making a name in the field of courier service. Its mission is to provide customer-driven quality service that will enable people and businesses to move faster and their vision is to be the leading courier service provider that makes transactions across distances faster. Zoom – the name does truly say it.

Zoom Courier Inc. knows that clients doesn’t haver the same needs that’s why they offer a broad range of delivery services to make sure that whatever you’re shipping will arrive on the right time without any hassles and problems and if ever there is one which is hardly the case for Zoom, immediate attention will be given to it.

Zoom provide a range of other services and solutions for their customers. It has a tracking service thjat will ensure you to know where your package is in the delivery process and of course makes sure that you know when the recipient has actually received it.

Zoom is also ready to take the hassle out of getting courier service by being available through their Facebook account. Soon their mobile app is coming out where you can create an account. Simply download the Zoom App to enjoy 1-click booking and to track the list of packages you sent through Zoom where you can see an updated status and get push notifications when a package needs your attention.

Zoom provides high-quality services in terms of door–to-door pick-up and delivery of documents, packages, and larger shipment of products across the country at the fastest time possible, at an affordable price.

So put your trust in Zoom and they'll deliver it and they will be of great help to make your business more effective and efficient.

Here are the rates for Zoom:


For Own Packaging:


Weight computation – Actual or Volumetric weight; whichever is higher.

Volumetric Weight computation = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/ 3500


For the Pouch:

Our Rate will be base on the pouch that you will use regardless of the size of the item and weight.

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