Why Food Alley is the Newest Foodie Destination in Marikina

by - March 06, 2017

Food will always be in top of our mind, especially when food establishment keeps on popping everywhere. Everyday, a new foodie destination is discovered. Imagine if there’s only one place where you can eat everything you want and all you need to is just roamed around and see what food may caught your fancy.

The emergence of Marikina as the new go-to destination has been established with the popularity of Lilac Street. It’s a one street of food establishments where you can take your pick depending on what and where you want to eat. But what if there’s a place where you can find food in one place, a food park with a wide array of food choices? The newest food destination Food Alley is all that and more.

Coming from the concept of the husband and wife team of Randy and Theresa and friends, they thought it best to convert the place at Bayan Bayanan as the Food Alley.

Last February 28, 2017 Food Alley has its blessing and formal opening to the public.   

Here are the top four reasons Why Food Alley is the Newest Foodie Destination

Wide Array of Food Stalls.

Food Alley has a wide array of food stalls in one place, each with their own delctable and unique menus. Here you can find Chumballs, Kanto Grill, Sweet Silog, Chick Star, CHWings, Kabs, Tap Out, Mr. Crab and Friends, King Bab, Sigler, Ultimate Steakcation, Juice Colored, Bacon Avenue, Tokyo Tempura, Cargo Restaurant, Siomai Avenue, Genghis Mongolian, Juicy Lucy and Core Freeze among others.

Delectable Dishes and Menu.

Crossing culinary borders is offered by Food Alley with dishes popular from Korea, Mongolia among others. I give thumbs up to King Bab for the delicious tteokbokki, bulgogi and bibimbap. Great food can be found in each food stall. Among these are my favorites. The amazing and yummy Diablo Black Pasta of Cargo, Glazed Tempura of Tokyo Tempura, All the burgers of Tap Out as in all, Chicken Sisig and Sisig Quesadilla of Sigler, Tenderloin Salpicao of the Ultimate Steakcation, Chili Garlic Shrimp of Mr. Crabs and Friends, Monster Chicken with unlimited gravy at Chickstar, the sreet foods of Kanto, the neverending supply of squid ball and other balls of  Chumballs, all the foods of Bacon Avenue (need you ask?), Siomai galore at Siomai Avenue, all the silog meals of Sweet Silog and lastly that amazing and delicios ice cfeam of Core Freeze.   





Perfect bonding place and hangout.

It’s perfect place for family, friends, and associate bonding over food. We all have different taste for food and whenever we gather, we only get to choose what is offered by the restaurant. At Food Alley, family and friends can bond over foods they have chosen.

Centralized Drinking Station.

What i love about Food Alley is their centralized juice/drinks station. Serving specialty juice such as Berry Lychee, Four Seasons, Blue lemonade, Lime Cooler (solo or for sharing), sodas in can, water and the most delicious shakes which comes in large mason jars. They come in Strawberry Cream and Choco Oreo flavors.


In days to come people will be talking about Food Alley, so be one of the first to experience their eclectic dishes offerings and you too will be raving about it.

Food Alley is located at 111 Bayan-Bayanan Ave, Marikina City

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