Things You Shouldn’t Miss at BGC “My Street, High Street.”

by - March 09, 2017

I always remember my childhood as a happy one. It was the time when we half- enjoyed playing in the street and playing with Atari. We played under the moonlight and the streets were filled with children playing Tumbang Preso, Chinese Garter or the Pinoy’s version of football. It was quite a happy time and it’s something that chilldren of today is missing.

Good news to everyone, Bonifacio Global City is opening its street, in particular the 9th street, to let you reminisce the old times of playing in the street and to let your children play the games you used to play with their My Street, High Street. This is a weekly event that promises fun and memorable larger-than-life experience that you and the children will surely enjoy.

As a community, BGC always think of ways to promote a healthy and active street life for their BGCitizens. Since they are becoming known as the center of commerce and culture, My Street, High Street will be another venture that will give BGCitizens to rediscover the thrill of playing outdoors.

As Mr. Sean Luarca, Marketing Manager at Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), the developer and master planner of BGC puts it,. “All of our projects within the BGC community create street camaraderie and in turn makes the street life of BGC dynamic and vibrant. With this My Street, High Street campaign, we encourage our BGCitizens to go out of their units and embrace the street lifestyle and have some real fun under the sun.”

So what games can parents and kids expect from My Street, High Street?

Giant Games. Trade away your desktops and business laptops for a giant game of Jenga, Pick-up Sticks, or Snakes & Ladders as well as the super-size toys of Jack and the Giant Stones.

Endless Fun. Younger kids can dive at the inflatable ball pit or play the most fun classic Pinoy games such as Tumbang Preso and Piko.

Group Games. You can gather your friends and wiggle your way through a game of Limbo rock, jump through Chinese garter, or shake those hips by hula hooping on the sidewalk.

Healthy fun under the sun

Outdoor play for kids is highly recommended by experts because it’s beneficial for their well-being and holistic physical development. It lets them explore the environment and helps develop their fine motor skills, as well as build their self-confidence.

Whether you want to convince your kids or yourself to put down that smartphone or tablet for a fun day outside, or you’re just in for a healthy dose of nostalgia, BGC’s giant playground is the place to be during Sundays.

My Street, High StreetIt will happen in all Sundays of the year beginning this March where 9th Avenue will be filled with larger-than-life games.

BGC My Street, High Street is made possible through its partnership with JSA Inc., BGC’s grounds team.

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