RUNNR Brings HOKA ONE ONE® to the Philippines

by - March 22, 2017

Running for health and fitness has been the norm for so many years now for many Filipinos. It’s nice to see that the running enthusiast population is growing and still growing. As running takes precendence in many people lives now, they need a good running shoes for that smooth take off. Did you know that HOKA ONE ONE®, the award-winning running shoe brand that is making significant global strides with its maximalist sole design is now in the Philippines?

RUNNR, the Philippines’ leading running specialty store, introduced HOKA ONE ONE® last March 16, 2017. The arrival of  the award-winning running shoe brand in the country is the most anticipated day as runners, sports enthusiast and many others flocked to Runnr BGC and lined up to get their hands on HOKA ONE ONE®.

A brand that made their way in 2009, HOKA ONE ONE was born when Ultra Marathon champion Nico Mermoud realized he needed shoes to help him run downhill fast while reducing the shock that took a toll on his legs. Mermoud then partnered with fellow athlete Jean-Luc Diard in engineering a shoe that had more cushion than traditional running shoes and a uniquely carved geometry that encouraged an efficient foot strike – thus the revolutionary, lightweight running shoe brand was born.

Over the years, HOKA has become one of the most acclaimed running shoe brands in the world, winning accolades from Competitor Magazine, Triathlete and Runners’ World.

The continuous growth of HOKA can be attributed to runners of all types embracing the brand's goal of delivering lightweight, wellcushioned shoes with an exceptional ride. Recognizing the demand of the growing Philippine running community for quality and high-performing products, RUNNR, a member of the Quorum Group of Companies, will exclusively carry the HOKA shoe line in the Philippines, adding yet another premium item in its already impressive mix of running products.

“We are excited to be the official distributor of HOKA ONE ONE in the Philippines. The arrival of this amazing shoe brand in the country has long been anticipated by our local roster of triathletes, ultradistance runners and marathoners,” said Toby Claudio, President of Quorum International Inc. and Founder of RUNNR.

“As the leader in the local sports retail industry, we continue to support the growing Filipino running community by bringing in the best global brands.”

Philippines, it’s about time we experience HOKA ONE ONE. Why run when you can fly? Visit RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Cebu and grab a pair now!

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