SunLife Philippines Says Philippine Market Outlook for 2017 Remains Positive

by - February 05, 2017

As someone who works previously in the statistics department of bank things like stocks, exchange rate, investment are part of my day. You might think I know more about them but the day to day reality is that each is just mere statistics but overall it can tell you the state of our economy when you combined them all.

Last January 25, I was privileged to be invited yet again by SunLife Philippines to take a closer look this time to SUN LIFE Market Outlook for 2017.

We all know that last year marked some uncertainties to our economy which only happen when politics gets in the way. We must admit that there are some areas of the economy that is affected by all this Duterte hullaballo but its good to know that our country is stiil hanging in there.

This is the same outlook that SunLife study is driving at, our domestic economy remains strong and will continue to do so in the coming months. Certain forces cannot undo what six or more years the previous administration have build up.

With a growth on the GDP of 6.8% to 7% the market remain strong and positive. The peso may be weakening with the exchange rate of Php50-$1 and we are experiencing a drop in the stock market but still this is a good time to buy and invest. As Mr. Michael Enriquez said during the talk this is the best time  to buy when the stock prices are cheaper, and you will only gain more once the market goes up. So this year is a good time to invest.

One of the best investments you can have right now is what SunLife is offering, they have an array of investment to choose from and one of them is the SunLife Prosperity Funds. Can you imagine that for just the minimum of 5,000 pesos, you can jump start an investment account  that are managed by top notch investment professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the funds generate the best returns over the long term.

Those who were able to invest in the fund are already reaping gains right now. As per report of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.President Valerie Pama, the SunLife Prosperity fund already yielded result. “We’re delighted that our investors are reaping the rewards of their commitment to invest for the long-term, and we hope to see more Filipinos treading the same path so they too can experience financial security.”

In the coming months, SLAMCI will pursue the vision of a brighter outlook by championing financial inclusion and further boosting its financial literacy program to educate Filipinos about the best ways to grow their money. The company will also strengthen distribution channels to reach new markets.

SLAMCI will also be more aggressive in promoting its program such as Sun RISE, wherein employees can invest a minimal amount via salary deduction; and Auto-Invest, a regular investment program in cooperation with partner banks.

More new funds are set to be launched as well. At present, the Sun Life Prosperity Funds has seven peso-denominated funds, i.e. Money Market Fund, GS Fund, Bond Fund, Balanced Fund, Dynamic Fund, Philippine Equity Fund, and Philippine Stock Index Fund as well as the four dollar-denominated funds such as the Dollar Abundance Fund, Dollar Advantage Fund, Dollar Wellspring Fund, and World Voyager Fund.

"With the help of 3,200 mutual-fund licensed Sun Life fnancial advisors, and the support if all our partners, we trust that 2017 will be another fruitful year in helping Filipinos achieve prosperity and build a brighter future." Pama said

When it comes to investing, time is one of our greatest assets. Discover how your small amount of money today can be millions in the future. To learn more about Sun Life Financial,

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