The Power of Healing Touch at Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa

by - January 01, 2017

Want to escape for a few hours for a relaxing massages and a hot cup of wintermelon tea? I know just the right place for it. Recently, a friend highly recommends Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa. I’m not much into spa really and I always associate spa with pampering and the likes. But walking inside Ezekiel’s and being surrounded with the aromatic smell of peppermint is like being in a happy place.

Warmly welcomed by Drew and Sheryl So, we have a very interesting talk while my friend is getting his foot spa and I’m waiting to get my tension migraine massage while the room is being prepared.

Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa came in a right moment for Drew and Sheryl. Sheryl has been suffering from sciatica and she’s been in and out of several hospitals for her treatment. During the course of her treatment she learned a lot from it. She even applied some treatment while taking care of her friends who are cancer patients. Some of her friends were even amazed that Sheryl’s massages and treatment applications have cured them. Until a friend suggested that Drew and Sheryl opened a spa.

Ms. Sheryl So and Prend Axl enjoying their foot spa

Hence, the Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa, whose name is derived from the Bible. It is a three story place where you can avail massage therapy. Most of the staff are trained in Physical Therapy and specializes in special therapeutic massage which is PT-style and focuses on accu-points pressure as well as taking off those persistent nodules.

Services offered are therapeutic massage, sports massage, combination massage, kiddie massage, body scrub/foot spa, asthma massage, lactating massage, tension migraine, prenatal/Postpartum and foot reflex.

During our mini talk with the owners, a staff keeps on serving us wintermelon tea that is sweet and refreshing. The room preparation is quite personal as they are preparing homemade oil to be used for my tension migraine massage.

Upstairs, we walked in to a comfortably cold room. My friend and I also took a peek in all the rooms and the bath tub where you can soak if you want. I applaud them for the private feel of each room and take note you can bring your family for massages/spa and avail of their family service package.

Going back to the room assigned to us, I noticed how cold the temperature has become and the smell of peppermint is making me cozy and comfortable. Then Bhev, the staff who took care of me that afternoon started my Tension Migraine massage. I thought she would only concentrate on my head but she explained that it’s not the only part affected by migraine. She demonstrated and clearly explained how my neck, shoulders, back and arms should also be massaged because it is interconnected. She used balms and oils and it was 45-minute of pure bliss where slowly tensions and knots are being released. I feel so light and refresh after that massage.

I know I fell asleep somehow and that few minutes sleep is quite invigorating. I promise to be back just for this. Afterwards, Sheryl treated us to an Ashiitaba Salad with her very own dressing. It was quite good and we downed it with her special EZE Cleanser and EZE Barley juice.

Let’s not forget that you can also buy balms and concoct your VCO at Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa, and you should not go home without one.

For more information about Ezekiel's Touch Health & Wellness Spa, please visit their facebook page at

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