Something Korean, Something Japanese at Nikuya Charcoal Grill and Shabu-Shabu

by - January 01, 2017

For those  who are looking for authentic Japanese and Korean menu, don’t look very far for Nikuya Charcoal Grill and Shabu-Shabu, the first Korean BBQ and Japanese Hot Pot in the city, opened last November 30 at Capitol Commons. It is a welcome addition to the city’s growing list of fine Asian restaurant.

Walking in, your eyes will be riveted to their massive collation of wines and a mini freezer of high quality meats. Turning to your left is a wall art depicting a Samurai fighter and Mt. Fuji. The place décors and table setting is done in Asian style, thankfully minus the cavernous space under the table.

A little backgrounder, Nikuya is a Japanese word which means butcher and what comes to mind when I heard of this word is meat, meat, and meat deliciously butchered in the way you will be enjoying your food later.

When the staff started serving side dishes such as Kimchi, anchovies and pickled radishes, we began to feel excited. By the way, we were at Nikuya to celebrate our second Christmas party for

When the egg roll was placed in the table, its perfection is apparent in the way it was cut and you can see how symmetrical; egg, seaweed, cheese etc.; it was with the mozzarella cheese oozing out of the stuffing. We can’t get enough of it.

The pajeon is served after. This traditional Korean-style pancake is served with red sauce that complements its hearty and full flavor combination of green onion and pancake like mixture.

While eating the pajeon, they were already setting the shabu-shabu set with the broth served in Korean symbol vessel. The broth comes in two flavor, pork and sukiyaki. I am rather partial to the sukiyaki because its flavor is heightened more as we put the mushrooms, wombok, tofu, fish cake on stick, carrot, onion, bacon and of course the noodles.

As we enjoy the shabu-shabu, the Wagyu Yaki Onigiri was served. Honestly, I was looking for rice but the onigiri is much better.

Then the grill was being set-up, you can see how hot the charcoal is and it is smokeless. We are ready for charcoal grill experience and thankfully someone is grilling it. Then the top quality meat like Samgyupsal, Spicy Ox Tail, Yakitori and the Uzura Buta Yaki, those delicious Quail egg wrapped in Bacon is being grilled. I’m not really a fan of oxtail, the truth is I don’t eat Kare-kare, but the Spicy Ox Tail looks delicious and there’s a first time for everything.

We ate in traditional Korean fashion with the Sesame leaf and lettuce is ready to wrap around the meat while we put the garlic slices, gochujang and others and ate it big like they do in Korean drama.

We were all so full after and the accompanying Lychee drink we had complement our meal. We have the most delicious lunch and somehow we should be thankful to Ms. Grace Lee for setting up this resto.

Nikuya Charcoal Grill and Shabu-Shabu is located at the G/F of Estancia Mall Capitol Commons Meralco Ave. cor, Shaw Blvd, Pasig. Like them on Facebook for more information.

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