Solane celebrates successful enterprise

by - January 02, 2017

It was a fun, rodeo-themed evening of camaraderie and loyalty as employees of ISLA LPG Corp. (ILC), the leading LPG solutions company carrying the brand Solane, gathered together at V Corporate Center in Makati City to celebrate the company’s success as a business enterprise. 

“We have had a busy and successful year. We have been offered opportunities for growth, and we have responded to these opportunities with success, thanks to the initiatives, dedication, competence, and hardwork of each and everyone of you working individually and most of all, as a team,” said ILC CEO Ruben Domingo.

  1. (L-R) Ruben Domingo and Willie Sarmiento

Part of the company’s prosperous year can be credited to the recently launched “Dapat Lang” advocacy campaign, wherein they emphasized the importance of doing the right thing for the family, for others, and the society as a whole. In line with this, they also unveiled a newly revamped Solane website.   

(L-R) Valeri B. Villano and Elma Revillame

Taking part in the festivity were the top executives led by Ruben Domingo, ILC CEO, Shoichi Watanabe ISLA Petroleum and Gas (IPG) CEO, Willie Sarmiento, IPG chief finance officer and Tonito Gonzalez, ILC general manager for sales. Also present were Bobby Kanapi, IPG board member, and Edgar Aglipay of Emme Subic Transport.

(L-R) Marco Cruz and Tonito Gonzalez

  1. (L-R) Shoichi Watanabe and Edgar Aglipay

. (L-R) Bobby Kanapi and Keisuke Oba

Employees came dressed in cowboy costumes and enjoyed a group dance competition, raffle, rodeo rides, and other fun activities. Long-service awards were also given to Solane employees, ILC CEO Ruben Domingo, Dennis Ballesteros, Marvie Labayen, Mona Jao, and Larry Alagao. 

. (L-R) Kathy Mendez and Jasmin Montaniel 

. (L-R) Dennis Ballesteros, Marvie Labayen, Mona Jao, and Larry Alagao

With the company’s successful campaign, they definitely have much to celebrate.

For more information, visit their new website,, and Facebook page,

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