Providore at SM Aura: Purveyor of Good Food

by - January 15, 2017

What draws me to Providore is that bakery tucked in the corner of the place filled with cakes and breads you won’t usually see in other bakery. But beyond is also a diner with its welcoming and cozy interior, somehow making you feel bucolic with its rustic vibe. The sounds of happy conversation mingled with the clink and clank of utensils as diners enjoy their food is also very enticing.

Once inside, you will be hard-pressed to decide what to eat with its extensive list of menu. Everything looks good enough to eat so we decided to just partake of their bestsellers as advised by the very hospitable and welcoming Ms. Mela Sison.

Providore’s menu is a celebration of some of the best dish of former Raintree Restaurants which Providore belongs to. Raintree is a group of restaurants which aims to redefine the Filipinos way of dining by providing gustatory experience with its list of resturant like Chelsea, Chotto Matte, Stella, Rocket Room, Saboten and Izakaya Sensu.

Providore is aptly named as they are a purveyor – purveyor of good food. Leading the charge is the Zucchini Pecorino Fries. You will never notice you’re eating zucchini because of the malagos pecorino which makes the taste cheesier. The crispy fries are served with buttermilk ranch dip and fresh lemon.

Zucchini Pecorino Fries (Php175)

The 6 pcs wings is a favorite with choice of old school spicy buffalo or maple bourbon bbq sauce. It is served with bleu cheese dip and comes with celery and carrot sticks. If you order this dish at Providore, you will be participating in Restaurants against Hunger advocay where you can save lives of malnourished children by just ordering the “dishes that feed more” of participating restaurants.

6 pcs wings (Php295)

Next, we tried the Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll. The buttered brioche roll is so soft and is topped with fresh lemon and dill. The crispy seafood is wrapped in romaine lettuce mixed in remoulade sauce. What make it more exciting about this dish are the flavorful and freshly fried chips as a side dish.

Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll (Php375)

The Seafood and Rice Skillet is made up of fresh prawn, fish, squid in garlic, shellfish and parsley cooked in white wine butter and special spice. The creamy spinach pilaf is perfect with it.

Seafood and Rice Skillet (Php425)

But the best I ate at Providore is the Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang. I haven’t tasted that kind of soup for a long time now. The soup with mustasa leaves, radish, french beans, cherry tomatoes, chili and fish sauce tastes like the kind of Sinigang of old before the powder mixes invaded most kitchen. I remember the sinigang with fresh tamarind or guava. This is best eaten with rice and a must try dish.

Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang (350)

The dessert is the Coconut Cream Tres Leches. I thought it was a merengue but the cream is stuffed with macapuno and made more delicious when topped with dessicated coconut and served with tres leches cream.

But the highlight of our day is not really the dessert but the Love Burger. The red bun is shaped into heart and the burger is thick and juicy. It is served with fries. Ghe Love Burger will be available at all Raintree Restaurants this February 2017.

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It was a real gustatory experience but we haven’t really made a dent with Providore’s extensive offerings, so for sure we will go back to try some of their best dishes.

Providore is located at the Ground Floor of SM Aura.

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