KFC Adds Hope to over 60,000 School Kids in War-Torn Mindanao

by - January 25, 2017

KFC, the world’s favorite chicken is continuing its global commitment to ending hunger around the world. In the Philippines, KFC Philippines is making the same commitment to end hunger and through its Add Hope initiative have donated PHP6, 798,811.61 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The money raised will fund WFP’s School Meals Program, which provides hot, nutritious lunch meals to thousands of children from conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, which has been suffering more from the war that has been going on for years in that area. The donation will enable them to perform better in school.

Add Hope is KFC’s global platform for ending hunger, done in collaboration with WFP. KFC’s commitment to the cause began in 2007 after Yum! and its subsidiaries established a partnership with WFP through World Hunger Relief. The participation of nearly 38,000 Yum! restaurants across 120 countries have raised over USD110 million, out of which USD28 million is from KFC alone.

The children is the future of this country and if any of them is suffering what future is in store for them? Every child deserves a chance for a better tomorrow. Don’t let hunger stop them from making their dreams come true. Take part in adding hope to their future with your PHP10. This amount of money will come a long way and somehow ease the burden of those children in the middle of war and suffering from hunger. Make a difference and help even in a small way.

Visit any KFC store to drop your donations. For more information, visit www.AddHope.com.ph

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