Ozone Therapy is Now in the Philippines

by - December 16, 2016

I first heard about blood as alternative uses for medicines in one of the Korean dramas I’ve been watching. I was fascinated with the idea but when I Googled it, it was kind of confusing for me. Fortunately, I was invited to witness the launch of Ozone Therapy in the Philippines last December 6 wherein the famous internal medicine specialist Dr. Humberto Loscertales, an authority and top practitioner of the Ozone therapy for the past 16 years in the Spanish City of Barcelona visited the country and talked about anti-aging enhancement from within.

During the media launch, Dr. Humberto Loscertales explained and demonstrated the treatment. Assisting him is his Filipino counterpart, Dr. Maria Cristina Nicolas. In the demonstration, blood was extracted in the patient using IV afterwards the blood was saturated with ozone and then infused back to the body.

Ozone (O3) is known to be as a powerful oxidant, and according to Dr. Loscertales the therapy has various potential benefits as well as therapeutic properties when ozone oxidizes with blood plasma. It gets impressive results to alleviate chronic pain and it also offers anti-aging enhancements. Mid-lifers and senior citizens will be greatly benefited with these exciting medical innovations especially if they want to do more in life.

As Ozone Therapy is one of the most recognized alternative treatment in the US and Europe, this exciting medical innovation is now in the Philippines as introduced by Dr. Humberto Loscertales.

He is a proud alumnus of the Barcelona Autonomic University where he studied Medicine, Dr. Loscertales is highly regarded by the academe for his various doctoral courses, logging 100 teaching hours in the same university.

His academic career reached new levels when he finished his International MBA, starting in Barcelona Ramon Llull university for two years an intensive third year in Manhattan College NY. Dr. Loscertales also practiced medicine in various hospitals in Barcelona while juggling all his academic appointments. He practiced as an attending physician for the Intensive Care Department at the Hospital Clinic, for the Traumatology & General Surgery, at the Can Ruti General Hospital, and for Hematology & Internal Medicine at the Hospital De Sant Pau.

His impressive resume brings to mind the typical or conventional physician, with the scholarly appearance and an aura of wisdom and authority brought about by years of non-stop studying. Dr. Loscertales beaks his stereotype image by having a consistently vibrant personality and a supply of energy that often eludes men and women of his age. Apparently, the practice of Ozone therapy for more than a decade had its benefits, as Dr. Loscertales exudes his youthful vibe while preaching on this new alternative treatment with so much passion.

“We have an exceptional medical tool that increases our efficiency on the solution of medical problems, normally in a complementary way with other medical strategies. In some cases, it is the only medical tool/treatment that can provide a good solution to diseases like: Ankylosing spondylitis, Post-traumatic synovitis, Arthrosis and other degenerative diseases,” Dr. Loscertales said in a statement.

So as early as 30 years old to as late as 60 years old, you can go in and out of the Ozone therapy clinics to have your cells regenerated by the O3 element. You will be sure to head out with an energized body ready to take on more activities in your daily lives.

The treatment will lasts for only about 45 minutes per sessions and is now available at the Ozone Therapy Center, Ground Floor of the King’s Courts Building 1, along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati.

For more information you can visit their website at www.ozonehealththerapy.com

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