Cristiano Ronaldo's New Girlfriend

by - December 25, 2016

I am so out-of-the-loop with so many activities this year that I only get to glimpse or stalk less one of my favorite footie player Cristiano Ronaldo. I just read he's got a new girlfriend. Having been involved in so many high-profile and controversial relationship over the years, I miss the times vetting on several of his girlfriends or judging them on their tackiness. Pardon my word but we all know the type of girls CR7 is partial to.

Speaking of his type, I think the latest girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez is different from previous girlfriends. Although she models, from what I can gather, she's a working girl. She works at one of Gucci's store and as of the latest she still works although she's been spotted several times accompanying the football star.

Based from the pictures gathered by the media, she is enjoying the limelight and was even pictured, several times, with Cristiano Ronaldo's son. I can't believe how taller Cristiano Jnr is now.

I just hope this new relationship will turn serious after all Cristiano Ronaldo is not getting any younger and he's already 32. He should settle down now and find a good  mother for his son. For Georgina, just hang on Girl!

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