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by - November 11, 2016

With many online shopping platforms flooding the web nowadays, only a few have really take off because it has in their platform a true desire to help online shoppers in the Philippines and soon around the world. Welcome BigBenta.

Are you an online sellers offering great buys to customers? Or are you looking for a job? Do you have special skills or a service establishment looking to offer your services? Do you want to post classified ads for free?

It might be something you have not encountered before but BigBenta offers you all-around online experience. A one step and open source platform for all your needs.

The founders of BigBenta believe the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) will be the foundation of e-commerce in the Philippines and not the large companies. Though the MSME segment presents some challenges, BigBentaunderstands each and everyone of them and believes that it has the solutions and operational experiences to address them one step at a time, efforts which will eventually translate toits success in the Philippine market.

Hence, BigBentahas developed an approach that defines its current commercial and technical initiatives.Commercial initiatives such as sales: marketing approach that iscustomer-driven, responsive, prudent, evolving, andpatient in solving customer problems. These attributes are what the market requires at the moment. Technical initiatives such as an in-house and open source platform development, instead of deploying an over-the-counter or an outsourced platform, suited for a local market that needs customized, innovative, and evolving solutions.

About a year ago, BigBenta launched its Classified Ads service. It was intended to give the local market an alternative to the dominant player as well as build its own presence in the local online market. The market for online classified ads has since intensified among the players, but it has also generated the right interest among the older population, which reinforces the message that Internet will be part of everyone’s life more and more.

The Classified Ads service is one of a kind for its free and that's why around March of 2016, the company launched its online store called “BigBenta Store” where now, close to a hundred merchants have set up their online store and started selling to anyone nationwide. BigBenta Store is the manifestation of the company’s belief and support for the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). 

BigBenta is a Pinoy marketplace that enable any merchantcan build their own online Store, promote,sell and receive payments for their products and learn about their customers via data analytics.

Moreover, any skilled individual or service establishment can offer, promote, receive bookings and payment for their services as service providers based on their preferred time and location.

The major difference of BigBenta Store from the competitors is it allows the merchants (Storeowners) to create their own online store based on their preferences like items to sell, its varieties (e.g. color, sizes, etc.), inventory level, pricing, promotion rules, payment method, customer management, report management and many more. The online store will soon be equipped with features like chat, abandoned cart management, customer survey, and complaint management that are all designed to put the storeowners in control of their online store and everything that happens in it. 

In the past few months, BigBenta has indedd become a marketplace, and to complte its open source platform, they officially launched BigBenta Service Booking October. In terms of its full range of offerings, BigBenta Marketplace stands as truly one-of-a-kind having three platforms, built to respond to the needs of Filipino customers and entrepreneurs. 

So if you're looking for that plumber to fix your water leaks or a cleaner to keep your home or condo in order, BigBenta Service Bookings will have the service provider for you at the most reasonable prices. It's so eas, you can freely select your service provider based on your preference (e.g. price, location, etc.) and book them. You can pay through various payment channels and your service request will be confirmed. You can then go back to doing the more important things in life!

Less than fifty days before Christmas, why not start your holiday shopping at BigBenta where more and more online sellers are offering great buys for all customers. With an ever growing variety of products, there’s always something new for you. Shop now and find the best deals in this Christmas season.

Payment convenience is offered by BigBenta where Cash on Delivery is nothing new and most big merchants and branded suppliers offer them to shoppers. BigBenta is happy to offer you this added convenience through its Cash on Delivery payment option. Check it out not at Happy online shopping!

For more information visit their website at

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